Tummy weight loss success!

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  1. I made a thread a while ago about wanting to lose tummy fat/waist handles without losing weight anywhere else and I found the way to do it! Callanetics. But just the tummy/waist exercises.

    I've never in my life seen something work like this. So, basically, I eat as per normal, healthy most of the time, have my cheat days twice a week. My workout is relatively simple: jogging and the Elliptical in the mornings, a few stretches, sit-ups and some reps on the rowing machine and I'm done in about 45 minutes because I'm really just trying to maintain my weight not lose any more.

    And then the magical voodoo: in the evenings, just before bed, I do 15 minutes of tummy callanetics. Callanetics if you're not familiar is all tiny, concentrated movements and I really dont know how and why and the science behind it. I just know it works.

    It will not make you lose weight, it basically tones and pulls everything in. You can literally feel your waist and tummy pulling in, contracting itself and it leaves a terrific ache, like you've been stretched out. After a week of doing this about 4 or 5 times, I can see my waist curving inwards and my tummy is getting flatter. It's seriously amazing, I've never experienced an exercise working like this quite so fast and well and this is with just 15 minutes. I'm gonna up my routine to about 25 minutes and see how well it works with no cheat days this week.

    Try it girls, it's brilliant!
  2. I love Callanetics! I have the 10-years younger in 10 hours DVD and it's great :biggrin:
  3. I feel like I've just discovered oil or something! It's bloody brilliant. Never seen something work so fast and effectively before. I'm literally whittling away my waist and tummy. Magical :smile:
  4. I've just ordered the DVD - I did this years ago and it was amazing. Thank you for the recommendation!
  5. can you please post a link on how to do it, what it is ? thanks

  6. Will do thanks:smile:
  7. Thanks for posting this, it has inspired me to take out my original hardcover Callanetics book, probably from the early 80s, that I inherited from my aunt. I swore by these exercises for years and I still think Callanetics are the best, most effective abs exercises I've ever done. I still work out regularly but I'm going to check out these exercises again, maybe at nightime as you suggested!
  8. Are you doing only the ab routine from the original Callenetics DVD? I looked it up and it's 60 minutes total run time. Sounds like an interesting workout DVD, I have several but I'm always looking to mix things up! Want to make sure before I order it, thanks :smile:
  9. haha :smile: It really does work if you keep at it! I need to start again. I will this afternoon when I get home from work :biggrin:

    I really like this DVD. You can pick and choose which routines you want to do or you can do the whole shebang. I was usually exhausted after doing the whole 60 minutes. Those stretches are HARD!
  10. Guys, if you dont want to go through the schlep of buying the DVD, I'll explain the 3 exercises that I do that are really working for me. I'm a morning person and I do my cardio first thing so in the evenings when I get home it feels like work to put in a DVD and watch and follow the instructions so I watched it a few times and memorised the exercises that I do :P

    I'll try explain it best as I can:

    Waist exercise: Stand with feet naturally apart. Lift one hand straight up, palm facing up. Now lift some more. You'll feel your rib cage pulling in, just imagine you're reaching for the sky. Now reach that hand over to the other side of your body, it's a natural waist stretch but only your arm should be moving, try not to move from your waist. Do small pulsing movements of 10. Repeat on the other side. I try to do about 50 on both side and if you're doing it right, you'll feel your waist curving in. Bonus: it also tightens the underarms.

    Tummy exercise: Lie down flat on your back with knees bent like in the sit-up position. Now grab the insides of your thighs and pull yourself up to your knees. Maintain that position, and let go of your thighs and extend your arms straight out over your knees. Dont fall back! Pulse back and forth in tiny movements, keeping your midsection rounded as you go back and forth. Start with a count of 10. You'll feel the pressure in your neck at first but after a few days it will get easier. I could only manage 6 the first time I tried. Do as many reps as you can.

    Tummy/waist: This is my favourite, although I hated it for the first 2 days cos it was so hard. Lie on your side like you're going to do leg lifts, this is basically modified leg lifts. Whichever side you're lying on, extend that arm straight out. Your opposite arm should be placed in front of you palm on the floor for support. Keeping both legs together, lift up off the floor and at the same time push your upper body up off the floor. You'll again feel your waist contracting in and it also somehow pulls the tummy in.

    I dont know how explanatory those descriptions are! :biggrin: But yeah try them, they're brilliant. And like I said, just 15 minutes of these a day have been giving me great results.
  11. This is one of my favorites. I need to tone that underarm jiggle!
  12. Thanks Sternchen! I just ordered it, should be here in 2 days. I'm always up for a challenge! :biggrin:
  13. Thanks for posting! I'm going to have try these out.