Tummy Tuck

  1. I know there's a post dedicated to Breat Augmentation (been there too:smile: ) but I was hoping others who have had a Tummy Tuck or planning one could come together for support. I've been on the liposite.com and find it hard to navigate. I'm on week 3 after a full tummy tuck and lipo of my, abs, waist, hips, flanks, outter thighs and inner knees. Whewwwww glad that's over. Anyway, I cannot fit into any of my jeans, pants only sweats:confused1: Is this normal for 3 weeks? I'm starting to get nervous. Any replies will really be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I've never had a tummy tuck but I would definitely think that you are still swollen at 3 weeks. I've had plastic surgery---a Breast Reduction with a secondary surgery of Lipo done on the the sides of breasts/part that goes around between armpit and waist area. I didn't think I was swollen after 2-3 weeks but was still able to fit into some old bras...LOL. I was nervous. I could see a visual change in the size of my breasts but was confused because the old bras were still fitting.

    Anyway, right after that---perhaps 3.5 weeks to a month my breast size went down/swelling went away because the old bras could not fit any longer. I went through a couple of size changes over the next few months. Now I swim inside those old bras (I kept one just for memory..lol).

    I'm sure this is what is going on with you. You probably look smaller to yourself but you are truly swollen. Rest, drink plenty of fluids...you'll be fine...
    I hope someone who has had a TT can come on to give you more information....Congrats to you! I know you must look great and soon you will feel great too!
  3. yes, 3 weeks post-op, swelling is COMPLETELY normal:yes:
    I am almost one yr post-op from a FULL TT w/ muscle repair and I couldn't get back into my jean shorts and such until about week 4-6ish.
    It was weird, my measurements were smaller, inches smaller in fact, but I still couldn't fit! It was maddening!

    Drink TONS of water adn eat your pineapple, it reduces swelling/bloating, there's even pills called Bromelain which is just pineapple extract.
    Try www.yestheyrefake.net instead, very easy to navigate, just find the TT board.
  4. Yes, I drank pineapple juice as well with my surgery (100% Pineapple only) and also ate it. Plus, I took the Bromelain pills. They do work great! These work great for any of these types of surgeries.
  5. oh, lipo will be swollen longer than the TT most likely:yes: as soon as you can, massage it firmly w/ oil to try and disperse the fluid build up, don't hurt yourself, be gentle at first.
  6. Yes...you're still swollen and after lipo if I could make one request...I've never had it but I've had friends who have and the one's who refused to wear the garments didn't have such great results!!!!! Wear them!!!
    My mom had a TT, but it was actually more of a procedure where he had to tack her organs back into place (The glory of a woman growing older....geez) and it was pretty invasive. But she's 61 with a washboard stomach. So be patient and in the end I"m sure you'll be very pleased with the results!!!!!
  7. ^my PS doesn't recommend binders/undergarments.
  8. I had a tummy tuck with lipo about 2 years ago. my ps didn't have me wear any binder. I was back in jeans after 2 weeks. With all the lipo you had, I'm sure you're just swollen. Hang in there-it is so worth it!!