Tummy tuck then baby??

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  1. Hi all pardon my ignorance if this is something that should not be done (most people tell me that it shouldn't be done...).

    I have 2 babies and can't stand the way my abs look. I love my body right now and feel that I've never looked better except for the extra skin around my belly. My OH and I want to have another baby in the next year or two...but I feel like in the time being I just can't stand to look at my belly! Is there a point in having a tummy tuck then having other babies a few years later??

    Thanks ladies.
  2. hi dear

    I know nothing about plastic surgery but I am currently pregnant with my fifth baby. I was quite lucky that after the first two I just got back into shape in the tummy area as well. Since baby 3 this is different but I honestly feel that each pregnancy would lead to another tummy tuck - so I decided that if I wanted such procedure done it would have to be after I had the last kid. So I would presume if you had another baby after a tummy tuck you would end up getting another tummy tuck after that - if you don't mind and can afford, why not? having said that, I don't know whether having a tummy tuck would affect any future pregnancies (I am really uneducated in this field..)
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  3. I'd never consider it just for a tighter belly for one year.
    I had a TT and I'd do it again, I recommend it, when you're all done w/ having babies!
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  4. Nope, never. Wait until you are done. I too had a TT.
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  5. I guess we better hurry up and have all the kids we want to have so I can have a tummy tuck! thanks everyone!
  6. It's better to complete your family and then get tummy tuck surgery. I had undergone this procedure from a cosmetic surgery clinic in Windsor after having my 4 children. I'm really happy to see my belly now as they are flat like before delivery. Good luck with your decision!!
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  7. I am too seriously considering this - and I am totally against plastic surgery usually (LOL). However, I am having my fifth child and I really doubt that I can bring it back to where it was on my own...
  8. You're considering a TT and then another baby?
  9. After a tummy tuck you will have a beautiful, taunt stomach again that you absolutely will not want to jeopardize with additional pregnancies. My belly wasn't flat even before my 4 pregnancies but it looks amazing now. My doc said no more pregnancies after because there won't be enough skin left to safely stretch as the baby grows. I also had to sign a document to indicate I understood that if I ever need reconstructive surgery, I may not have enough spare skin to harvest due to the tummy tuck. Good luck.
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