Tummy control panties for larger, curvy gals?

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  1. I am pretty much a jeans person and would love to find a nice tummy control panty that will slim me down a bit and be comfortable under jeans.
    any suggestions? i wear a size 14 or 16 in pants if that helps.
  2. How about dr. reys stuff, i hear rom a few friends its better than spanx, spanx doesn't have that reinforcement ya know?

    i forgot the name of it, but google, i saw a demo on tv and it looked fantastic
  3. I have looked into Spanx and just today, i turned on HSn and there was Dr. Rey stuff! I read reviews on both of them and after seeing the Dr. Rey stuff on HSN, i ordered something from his line. I think it was called the high waisted slip on? Not sure, but it looked good and reviews said they were comfortable and didn't roll up. A lot of reviews I read about Spanx complained about them rolling up or down and I had worn a pair of Spanx pantyhose to a wedding last June and the waistband did roll down constantly.

    hope I like the Dr. Rey's!
  4. Glad you found a solution!
  5. let us know how it works out!