Tech Tumblr Tantrum


Head Flunkie In Charge Of Nothingness
Apr 15, 2016
Apparently Tumblr got into a tiff over some 'too young' picture posted in their mature section(s). I don't use the site and definitely don't go for that sort of thing, but in their zeal, they're decided to eliminate all adult/mature content.

Now whether or not you ever view adult material, this may affect you. How? It seems their bots are flagging all sorts of non-mature images. I'm seeing discussions of basic vacation pictures (people in bikinis) being flagged for removal. Also some of items with no people shown. For example someone posted a picture of a new bra they just bought - not wearing it - the picture was flagged. How many of you post pictures of new clothing items, including lingerie?

Common magazine pictures of high fashion models in lingerie or catalog/website images are being flagged as mature, not for any type of copyright violation.
Feb 26, 2006
For what's it's worth, Tumblr was rife with child pornography for a while. They also have a ton of "MAP-positivity" blogs. MAP stands minor attracted person. It's just a sugar-coated euphemism for pedophile. These pedophiles were running "support groups" for "non-offending" pedophiles, but they would still often be caught interacting with minors through Tumblr. Now, if you're a person who knows you're attracted to kids and you really want to avoid committing a crime against one, wouldn't it make sense to not contact kids online? I don't trust these "virtuous pedophiles" any further than I can throw them.