Tumbleweed, oh tumbleweed...

  1. That's awesome, riry! Haha, you sold a bag to the SA!
  2. There's some financial karmic justice in this! I love this style--hope you enjoy it!
  3. I like how you got multiple colors well done!
  4. Oh I only bought so many to help me decide on one final choice at home. I returned all of them except for the smog. I am definitely loving the smog, though!
  5. Yes, Riry--tell us how you're liking your new bag. Is it comfortable? Do you feel like it goes well with what you wear and your style?
  6. I just adore this bag. I've been wearing it everyday since I bought it, and I think it'll stay that way for the next several months. Originally, I had purchased the Treesje Marley in Electric Blue to be my dressy bag with this Tumbleweed as my casual bag, but really I didn't need the Treesje at all. In the Tumbleweed, the color of Smog and the ever-so-slight glaze gives it enough refinement to work as my dressy purse as well. And, of course, the many zippers and rough-n-tough leather make it perfect for casual outfits.

    I'm not kidding when I say I wear this bag with EVERYTHING. Today, I'm wearing skinny jeans, a long-sleeved white t-shirt, some funky studded bracelets, and boots. And the bag looks great with it! The other day, I wore skinny black pants, a fuschia silk top, some dressy gold jewelry, and black heels... and the bag looked great!! My style of clothing goes all over the place, but this bag just seems to work with every outfit.

    Today, I stopped by the market after work... and it was so convenient to convert this bag to crossbody style. It's super-comfortable on my shoulder, but it's still nice to have the crossbody option. The only other bag that I was this excited for was the Linea Pelle azure Dylan medium tote that I bought last February. It was the only bag I purchased all year, and I carried it everyday until a few weeks ago (and I only stopped because it looked so beaten up and faded that I had to retire it). It's the same concept as this Tumbleweed. As much as I love my LP Dylan, this Tano bag might have a slight edge because it seems like it will only get better with age.
  7. riry, so glad to hear your bag is working out so well, dontcha just love it when that happens! Hopefully mine will be just as loved, I have the feeling it will. :smile:

  8. We're bag twins!! :ghi5:
  9. I'm still sooooo tempted by this bag, even though I KNOW it's too big for me! Rather, it's not too big, and that's the problem; I'd pack that poor bag.
  10. haha beeb! I remember what you said about why the Mona Lethal didn't work for you, and this bag would definitely be too big since you'd end up filling it up! You would need the Petit Larceny version of this bag. hmmm... like instead of a Tumbleweed, a... Thistle???
  11. I'm still carrying mine, too. It is so versatile. I'm looking forward to carrying my new bag when it arrives on Friday, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying my Tumbleweed every day!
  12. Thistle. :lolots:
  13. I recently bought the Smog one and love it; the top zipper opens nice and wide, it's a soft cushy leather, and all the pockets are great.
    Now I have my eye on the Blue Velvet color; that one is really stunning and not a color you see very often. (Wish they had it in purple)
  14. ^ I'd lose it if that bag came in purple. I like the blue velvet A LOT. Especially on the edges! Also,

  15. Yes, welcome to bagyogini! I'm so glad that you're loving this bag, too. Like I've posted before , the Blue Velvet is definitely a special color. It's just like my Treesje Electric Blue, but the Tano color is even prettier.