Tumbleweed in Brown Sugar - LOVE IT!

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  1. Yes!! Got my Tumbleweed today from Nordstroms and I LOVE it, I love it so much! It has such a great, rugged look to it without being sloppy and looks fab with my brown leather jacket! The leather looks like the type that's going to age really well as it gets worked in and more color variation is present. It is a gorgeous perfect shade of brown! :yahoo:

    It's a great size and not too heavy. My only sort of complaint is that the strap seems narrow as compared to the rest of the bag but as long as it holds up fine I guess it's ok.

    I wouldn't say it's as soft and chewy as my Linea Pelle or MBMJ Faridah bags but it's nice feeling leather and comes pretty close. Certainly more substantial than the crunch leather.

    Just a couple pics, one inside and one out -



  2. Oooohhh....looks YUMMY!

    So glad you LOVE it!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats on the luscious new buy.
  4. Glad you love it!

    The new Tumblewood looks a lot less chewy than my Tumbleweed. So weird!
  5. Yeah, I wish it was as chewy as yours but looks like that opportunity has come and gone, darn. But - it's still a wonderful bag! :smile: The leather is nice in texture and not too thin.

  6. Glad you love the bag! All the pockets are neat.

  7. Thought I'd do a couple cross-body modeling pics, since I don't think it has been modeled this way yet? Though I'm sure I'll just use it as a shoulder bag, cross-body tends to make my shoulder ache.

    Pardon my daughter's messy room in this one -


    And just a little different lighting, less clutter. :smile:


    I think I even prefer the look of it carried by shoulder, cross-body it looks a little longish.

  8. Love this bag! It looks fab on you!
  9. Congrats Linda! That's one pretty bag!
  10. Linda- congrats on this gorgeous, gorgeous bag!!! :woohoo:
  11. It looks wonderful on you, Linda! I'm so glad you love it!
  12. Oh #$@! That is like....me, in bag form. Everything I love. Oh crap Linda, what are you doing to me here?! :sweatdrop:

    Erm......any chance of a shoulder shot?

  13. Did you see that riry posted some in her thread? I don't think I can top those! :smile:

    I have to say I am absolutely LOVING this bag! It's already breaking in so nicely and I can tell it's not going to scratch easily. It smells so good - like a new leather jacket. The color is so pretty on this bag, I am a girl that loves brown bags and this one has exceeded my expectations.

  14. Love this bag so much I had to take another picci! lol


  15. You're so funny, Linda! Post as many pictures as you want... can't get enough of these Tumbleweeds :tup: