Tulum vs. Duomo

  1. I know, these are completely different bags! Here's my train of thought on these.

    There are just a few hours to go on my eBay auction for Govinda (the wonderful BH), and it's looking like it will sell...hopefully! While I'm not counting any chickens before they land in my PayPal account, I'm starting to think about what I'd like to replace Govinda. It looks like my two big contenders are Tulum and Duomo.

    Tulum - I could really use a shoulder bag to replace the BH, and Tulum is about the right size. It has a single shoulder strap, which is much better for me than double, and it would be great for work. It's also the less expensive of the two. This one gets lots of points for practicality. :idea: Hudson and Highbury are still sort of in the running, but they are both considerably more expensive.

    Duomo - What can I say, I love this bag? It makes me go "ooooh" when I see it. :love: However, I already have a Damier Speedy, which is similar in a lot of ways. And if I get the Duomo, I still won't have a shoulder bag for work.

    Thoughts on this? My practical side says get the Tulum now, and wait for the Duomo later. Can y'all think of any reason I'd want to do it the other way 'round?
    tulumpm.jpg duomo.jpg
  2. The only reason I see is that your heart seems to be with the Duomo and that not getting it now would just be a "delay" in getting it and why postpone something you can get today. The upside to postponing it would be that you'll have two bags in the end :P
  3. Are you talking about tulum GM or PM? I saw a lady wearing tulum GM in the mall and now want it SO BAD!!! It looked really good on her. I LOVE the fact that it gives you a hands free option while shopping, etc. Duomo is absolutely GORGEOUS too but it's up to you to pick shoulder vs hand held bag. You can't go wrong with either. I vote for Tulum!:yes:
  4. I prefer the Duomo, but you have some very good points for the Tulum... Get the Tulum first, and the Duomo later ;)
  5. I have the Duomo and I love it. I havent used it at all over the summer but I am ready to break out that bad boy for the cooler months!!!!!
  6. I was thinking PM, but I will look at both. I love the long strap on the GM - it could be a messenger bag. When you saw it in the mall, was the person wearing the strap short or long? On the shoulder or crossbody? - I remember seeing Tulum GM in the store and thinking it was ginormous. Now that I look at the measurements though, it's almost exactly the same size as the BH...which I loved. Oh, now I have a third option to think about!
  7. They are both gorgeous bags - and I can tell that you are leaning more towards the Tulum... Get that first since you need a shoulder bag to replace your other one. The Duomo is gorgeous (a personal favourite), but if you already have a speedy then you should invest in a shoulder bag.
  8. It seems like you really want the Duomo so I say go with that one. :yes:
  9. i like the look of the Duomo than the Tulum. but it's just too similar to your Damier Speedy like you said. how about just saving-up for the Damier Highbury?


    it's pretty much an amalgamation of your two original choices :yes:
  10. The Highbury is very nice, I do love Damier, and it's got the yummy red lining. Good point!

    Anyway, I've got some time to think about it because the BH didn't sell this time (reserve wasn't met). :sad: Hopefully soon...
  12. Oh boy. I have one of these bags and want the other. :upsidedown:

    I say go for whichever one you think would be more of an everyday bag.

    I have the Duomo but I think if I had the Tulum that I would wear it more.

    You can sling it on your shoulder and go. :yes:

    let us know what you decide. I really want a Tulum..among many other bags LOL :lol:
  13. I'd go with the hands free option first, always ! Go Tulum !
  14. I agree...I'm thinking Tulum would be more practical for everyday. I still adore the Duomo, but I can save up for that next, and it's probably going to be around for a while. Which is a good thing, because it will probably take me a while!
  15. Wow, what a decision. I think I would go for the Duomo. I think you seem to favor that one. I normally like a hands free bag too, but there is something so appealing about the Duomo. Deluxeduck has a good point about the Highbury. Maybe it's the Damier that you're really loving and by getting the Highbury, it will be Damier and hands free. Good luck and keep us posted.