tulum pouchette

  1. this is the cutest thing!!!

    eLUXURY - null - null=


    i want one....
  2. yeah i dont know why mine didnt work.. yeah it doesnt look like it will, but its sooo cute... it looks like its only for coins or keys or something small.. =)
  3. Or it could hold a small cellphone, or some credit cards. It could also hold some make-up - eg, one lipstick, eyeshadow, lip gloss, etc...
  4. i was in Toronto yesterday and looked at it in the Bloor St. store, and it's REALLY small :sad:. it's even smaller than the Wapity. i wanted it as a camera case, but my camera wouldn't fit, and i could only fit my phone in there :cry:. the Pochette Cancun is bigger, though, even though it's not as cute as the Tulum.
  5. Yeah, the pochette Cancun to me is really big...looks bigger IRL than in pics, I expected it to be super small. I didn't see the Tulum last time I was at LV...although I do love the look of it :love:
  6. yeah i saw it yesterday at the store and its really small, i think you can only fit coins and cash and a few cards like the cles.. i love it though its so cute =)
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