Tulum PM

  1. Hello everyone i cant seem to find any pics in visual aids or the clubhouse but does anyone have pics with or of there tulum pm? i am really considering for next bag...boyfriend is letting me pick out a bag for my birthday gift what do you think of the bag? Right now i only have my speedies and bh...any advice??
  2. btw sorry for posting in the clubhouse!
  3. There is one, let me see if I can find it for you...
  4. o tanks u :smile:
  5. i think its cute! you should get it!
  6. oh thank you luv classics!! i think i need an everyday shoulder bag...not really used to one...i hope it serves the purpose...
  7. Sorry, I have the GM.
  8. i have the GM as well and it's one of the best bags i have! it was a style that i never wanted to have because i didn't think it looked so great but after trying it on, it was soo comfy and really began to grow on me. i pretty much use it as my daily bag and LOVE it. i get a lot of great compliments on it from strangers too. the only difference aside from the size to the PM would be that the GM has the adjustable side straps. let us know what you end up getting.
  9. I also have the GM. I tried on both the PM and the GM in the store. The PM fit too far up under my arm, I felt really constricted by it. I preferred the GM because the straps allow you to make it any length you want.
  10. I tried it on and its not my style, IMHO...........It is cute for somebody else, though
  11. Let us know what you decide.
  12. I have it and really like it. It's cute, different and practical!

    It holds quite a bit, and was a nice change from my speedy and bh!
  13. the PM is sooooooooo cute! get it! [​IMG]