TULUM PM questions

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  1. Hello :wave:
    I am totally lost on this new formula forum :crybaby:so sorry if I post in wrong section:angel: I just saw a TULUM PM somewhere and I love this bag; have some questions about the price (as new brand), date of creation, weight (heavy or not?), easy to wear it and if you are more information you are welcome ;) TIA
  2. The Tulum I'm thinking about is the discontinued bag. Someone correct me if I'm wrong as I know LV likes to recycle names for newer models...

    Assuming that the vintage bag is the one you are referring to, I don't remember what the retail was as I've never owned it. However, I thought it was pretty. One complaint I've heard is that the bag is too large for the actual amount it carries (ie, it doesn't hold as much despite it looking big).
  3. Hello Bernz84
    Yes I was talking about the discontinued bag; pretty but it is an heavy bag? I did not know that it does not hold much ; it looks so big in PM ! :girlsigh:
  4. I don't recall it being heavy, it's just deceiving as to how much it can actually fit because it looks big. I think it might be the same as the cabas piano. A galliera pm might be better if you carry more things. That bag I know for sure carries a lot and looks similar to the tulum.
  5. Yes, I carry a lots of things :lol: that is why I am waiting for new models (NF mm or TOTALLY) in august or september :girlsigh:

    I am not sure that Galliera will be easy for me to use ; need a big opening ;) and long straps or longer than straps' galliera.

    Thank you ; need to thing about all these bags :coolio:
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