tulum pm or tulum gm

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  1. Hi:

    I'm vacationing in Vegas next week and am determined to buy my first LV bag there - the Tulum PM.

    Does anyone have this -- do you love it?

    It's a toss up between the Tulum PM and the Tulum GM.

    Any comments are appreciated.
  2. I have the GM version...it depends on what size bag you normally carry.I like big bags
  3. which do people think look better the tulum pm or gm?????
  4. The shape of the GM is a bit nicer IMO.
  5. When I was trying to decide between these two (and of course went with something completely different) I was leaning toward the PM, as the GM is HUGE! However you can wear the GM cross body as it has an adjustable strap.
  6. hmm depends.. if you really do like big bags, then go for the GM.. I agree with syntagma, I love the shape more on the GM!
  7. I like the PM a bit more. Both are nice, bit IMO the GM is tooooo large. :smile:
  8. I have GM and I love love it.

    I tried on both GM and PM, and if you're petit or small size, just go for PM.

  9. I like the GM because it's relatively the same size as the PM, but you have the choice of shortening the strap or making the strap longer.
  10. GM shape is much nicer shape makes one look taller and the strap adjustable... IMO:sweatdrop:
  11. I think the strap length of the pm fits the crescent shape of the bag better.
  12. I like the shape of the PM more but I also like the adjustable strap of GM more. Touch choice.
  13. thank you for all these great opinions..I am interested in the pm because I have the LH which is really large...I have the PH which is small soo the tulum pm is in between...love the hobo shape it is my fav style...it isn't popular but, love the style...not sure why it has not caught on??? thanks gang you are all so awesome and lovely!!!!!!!!
  14. going for the tulum pm...it is soo gorgeous...why hasn't this bag caught on...think I will love more than my PH, LH and speedy 30....wooohooo gorgeous bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I loved the GM when I tried it on in the boutique!