Tulum pm or cabas piano?

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  1. If you had to choose one, which would it be?
  2. Cabas piano
  3. Cabas piano
  4. Cabas. I have the Mezzo and am thinking about adding a preloved Alto. Love it that much!
  5. tulum
  6. I'm torn between the two. Both are pre loved I love the classic look of the cabas piano. But i also love that I never see the tulums. Would the cabas piano be similiar to my totally mm?
  7. Tho both are gorg personally I would go with cabas piano.
  8. Any particular reason why? The only thing holding me back from the tulum is that I feel the cabas piano could hold more.. I carry my wallet sunglasses+case. De cosmetic pouch and then my mono cles and a Lilly Pulitzer planner.
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    Exactly :smile: I think the tulum pm is quite small, cabas piano can carry light or slighest heavy loads. I personally prefer cabas piano to tulum pm simply because cabas piano has the option to be a beautiful everyday bag and be chic enough for several formal occasion :smile: when tulum pm would be way too small for my everyday bag. But again its really subjective I know, if you really into tulum why don't go with the larger ones, mm or gm maybe?
  10. I have the Cabas Piano and I really like it. Mine is about 10 years old and still looks great. I love using it and can fit all I need in it. But it does have the vachetta bottom which may bother you.
  11. I love the tulum. If I hadn't bought a galliera, it would've been a tulum. And I still might break down and get one.
  12. Tulum! A beautiful bag :smile:
  13. Cabas Piano ~ simple and elegant! I was lucky enough to find a SO damier ebene, so I don't have to worry about vachetta ;)

    However, the Tulum does look like a very practical bag. They are both very different bags, so I guess it depends what you are looking for.
  14. I have not seen the Tulum in person but had the Piano I used as an every day bag..It really held up well and held alot..The only downside was the vachetta that was hard to keep clean. I must have put it on the floor too much as it had stains all over the bottom. I'd love it if they came out with it again with feet! It looks like the Tulum is a hobo style and the paino is more of a tote style. I think they are both great looking bags. I would get the Tulum b/w the two..
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