Tulum pm, do you like it?

  1. I was thinking of shoulder bags and I'm down to tulum pm vs. BH, BV (still can't decide between the two). In general I wanted to know if you like it?
  2. I LOVE IT!!! I heard it's even softer than the regular monogram so it should have a very slouchy look to it, which I personally love the look of slouchy bags! :smile:
  3. I have it & use it often. I like the look & the size. It's not heavy & the zip at the top is nice. The hardware is extra heavy.
  4. Do you recommend it? Is it heavy when you put some things in it because of hardware?
  5. I really love the Tulum. I decided on the GM in the end, but it was a tight race.
  6. No, it't not a heavy bag. I meant that the hardward zipper pulls are thicker than on usual bags. The front closure has thicker metal & you do not have to open the front flap to get in the purse, just the top zipper. I would recommend it as an everyday casual bag.
    pm2 (2).jpg
  7. I love it! I tried on the Cabas Piano, BV, BH, Hudson, Popincourt Haut and the Tulum. My choices were the Tulum, the PH and the Hudson but I think the Tulum is the cutest! I'd like to get it someday.
  8. Thanks, it looks awesome on you!
  9. For anyone that has it, did it come with a drawstring style dustbag?
  10. LOVE the Tulum, love the chunky hardware and soft shape. I ended up going with the GM, because I liked the fact that you can wear it messenger style if you want. I got the Tulum after getting frustrated with the BH because one strap was always flopping off my shoulder. No such trouble with the Tulum!

    Mine came with the regular flap dustbag.
  11. I love this bag too! It's so unique. I hope to get it someday.
  12. I love it.. I love its style though :yes:

    I have it in GM (since I have many things to carry), I love big bag..:biggrin:

    Anyway, mine came in the drawstring dustbag..
  13. I like the look but would go for the GM size.
  14. i didn't like this one, until i saw the picture posted by kathyd. now, i love it! it looks SO NICE on!!!
  15. Kathy it looks great on....I went with the PH over the tulum pm but, wish I had both...it is such a nice look...thanks for posting a pic for us...