Tulum Owners:question??

  1. I have a strange question for the Tulum Gm owners..I just purchased one and havent worn it yet.I just noticed the inside bottom of the bag looks kind of SPARKLY??!! Dont laugh..the interior fabric is almost see-thru,It looks like its coated with something..IS THIS NORMAL??!!! I wanna make sure I didnt get a return!LOL!
  2. [​IMG]see what I mean?? It even glistens in the pic!!LOL!
  3. I don't have a Tulum but somehow I don't think it's normal.:oh: Is it a pain in the behind for you to go to the store and exchange it?
  4. That doesn't look right to me. I don't have this bag but if I saw that in the bottom of a new one, I would freak out. Call the LV where you bought it from.
  5. Except this is a new type of Mono canvas.....its thinner and I think the canvas is coated inside with something as well...NOT SURE...!!!
  6. But it's not coated evenly even if it is supposed to be coated. Make the call and ask!
  7. I will...
  8. Good luck! It's a beautiful bag!
  9. My PH does that when I take pics of it.
  10. Usually Monogram bags with the Brown Canvas don't have the "sheen" (?) when you take picture of them with the flash ( or regular)...I started noticing this when people were taking pics of their Popincourts and the interior would have the sheen...maybe it's in the newer bags? Since my neither my Pochette or Keepall have this...

    Hope that helps..
  11. I've had problems w/ items in the boutique. Alot of times, they try to give me displays, or the items that have just been handled alot from showing, as there a slight scratches on the hardware and dents. The SA tries to tell me that this is normal and the hardware will scratch, but IMO, I want a totally new and never used item. No scratches or marks. I want to be the one who puts the scratches on it. It really kind of annoys me. Sorry to vent, anyway, I'd definitely return /exchange it and don't settle for anything less than what you'd expect from a $$$$$$ item.
  12. I am a Tulum GM owner and I have the same lining that looks "sparkly, see through". Relax, that's the real deal!
  13. I haven't even taken my tulum out the box yet, but now I'm going to check that out when I get home.
  14. I bought one in Chicago last week and have been carrying it ever since! Mine does not have the sparkle..I wonder if they gave you one off display??? Im more than sure they would exchange it for you!! I LOVE this bag. I think I have had more fun carrying this bag than any other Lv I have ever had!! (And I have had quite a few!) ENJOY it!!
  15. Mine came out of a sealed box which he opened in front of me. You have to tilt the bag in a certain way to catch the light to see the "sparkle"...otherwise it looks like regular lining.