tulum or klara

  1. which do you like?
  2. I don't like the tulum but I LOVE the klara. I hope to own it one day.........
  3. I loooooove the Klara! Like the Tulum though too.
  4. tulum pm
  5. I like the Tulum and own it as well...but if someone were to give me a choice between them, I'd choose the Klara.
  6. i have the Klara and i love it. if you're thinking of getting one of them you should get the Klara because it's discontinued, and not many people have it
  7. the klara...
  8. klara..
  9. Klara, and then get the tulum later on....:yes:
  10. Klara
  11. Another one vote for Klara!!!
  12. I had the Klara & returned it for the Tulum because it was easier for me to carry on my shoulder & not as thick. I like the softness of it & the hardware is pretty IMO. It's also very easy to get in & out of. So I vote for Tulum, but get what works for you. Klara is a beautiful bag.
  13. I ADORE Klara, need to see a pic of the tulum though, I like that little Tulum pochette, that is sooo cute. For for a real bag, Klara...
  14. I am about to put a Klara on layaway! :yahoo:
  15. Layaway rocks...