Tulum GM

  1. whats everyone ones opinion on this bag..worn messanger style??? Is it old ladyish??? Thanks!
  2. Just yesterday I saw a lady wearing it in town... I think it looks pretty good though a little huge. Personally I'd prefer the Tulum PM... that's my dream bag!
  3. Very pretty bag, but I would prefer the Tulum PM, its a perfect size.
  4. I didnt like this bag at all when it first came out. I thought it looked like a bib.

    Then it grew on my and I liked it. You've gotta try it on.

    its quite versatile in the fact that you can wear it messenger style w/ long straps or you can shorten the straps and wear it on the shoulder.

    Its hard to find a good LV shoulder bag. Its room inside as well
  5. Not "old ladyish" but not my style:sweatdrop: ...I think it's only a shoulder bag:shrugs:
  6. i am sending mine back...... it is HUGE! and to be honest....i saw myself 'old ladyish....' yikes!
  7. I have a Tulum GM and I really love the look...but I haven't worn it yet AT ALL. I've had it since they first came out last spring.

    I really need to decide whether I want to keep it or not. I love it, but I haven't used it.
  8. I loved it until I tried it on. It was quite big for me.

    I still look at it longingly, wishing that it were just a tad smaller.
  9. I totally agree, not old lady at all, but not for me.
  10. Wear it! Wear it! :yes: If you love it when you wear it, keep it! :love:

    If not, there's always eBay!
  11. I loved it, adored it, wore it and ENJOYED IT! It looks CHIC...great messanger bag!
  12. Not old-ladyish at all! I really like this style-I'd wear it on the shoulder though. :yes:

  13. Agree!! My hair stylist has the Tulum GM and I didn't think much of it at first, but now I like it alot! (Although, it's quite expensive.) I like that you can make the strap long or short. And, I love the pretty gold turnlock!!! One of these days.... better go buy a lotto ticket!!
  14. I love the turnlock too!

    Perhaps one man's meat is another man's poison? Cos my bf's SIL hates it!