Tulum Gm

  1. Does anyone love it as much as me???? It is my Favorite bag EVER...
  2. Jill has one I think?? I tried it on Friday, it is roomy but narrow I like that you can wear it cross-body though, very functional
  3. That was my beat the price increase purchase! It went up $70!:rant: I've been out of town since wed so it should have been delivered to my work. I'm almost tempted to go in today to get it instead of waiting until tomorrow!! I'm so glad you love it. I've had my eye on it since it came out!:love:
  4. No kidding...its HUGE...and I LOVE IT...I want to buy like 10 of them.
  5. I didn't think much of it when I saw it in pictures but after seeing it IRL I changed my mind!:love:
  6. I actually hated it IRl life when I got it...it was a heat of the moment purchase...then I put my stuff in it when I got home...and fell in hard core love. :smile:
  7. It is a great bag.
  8. I have one but I haven't used it yet. I think I'm waiting until summer is over to begin using it.
  9. someone post a pic carrying it
  10. Pic! Pic! Piccccc!!!
  11. Here it is empty...Im using my Perf bag at the moment.
  12. pic of u wearing it plsssssssssss, im dying to see how it looks like over the shoulder?
  13. Guess what? i bought it and it sat in my closet for 2 weeks unloved....THEN I brought it out and LOVE it to death..as Sunshine said I would..LOL! Wearing it today..Its great cuz when I carry my puppy around..etc...It slings messenger style and is sooo easy to handle..and roomy...
  14. [​IMG]