tulum gm...

  1. I'm considering getting this bag. Anyone have any pictures of themselves wearing it, particulary messanger style. That is how I'm looking to wear this bag. thanks much:smile:
  2. wow that is one HUGE bag, im sure you could fit my house in there :wtf:
  3. it is huge! but i like it!
  4. i don't have pics of me carrying this but i do have the GM size and i have to say it's one of my favorite LV bags hands down. the strap is really comfy and the bag is so roomy and can fit so much. you can even wear it across your body as well. at first, i never even considered this bag because i didn't like the looks of it....but my SA suggested i try it on and once i did, it looked so different on a person than sitting on display. it's such a fantastic bag. you should definitely get it. i also love it because not that many people have it and it's really unique. i get so many compliments on it.

    you should try searching for pics because i'm positive someone on tPF has pics of them wearing it. i just remember who. get it! get it! get it! :biggrin:
  5. I just got the damier sayela mm and was trying to decide between these two. Which one would you prefer? thanks;)
  6. I got the Tulum GM the day it came out because I wanted a designer messenger bag. I posted photos of it so I would do a search since it was quite a while ago. Everyone I've seen with it wears it cross body...I also have the Azur Saleya GM and MM but they are more like totes.
  7. i actually have been in love with the saleya mm :nuts: for a long time now but haven't gotten it yet (although i've tried it on many times).

    i think comfort wise, the tulum is MUCH more comfortable than the saleya and it fits more aligned to your body whereas the saleya makes your arm angle outward due to the wide bottom. i mean, the saleya is gorgeous and so is the tulum but i love that the tulum has that front pocket which is SO easy to access for keys, pens, tissue, etc and so i don't have to unzip everytime i need something. and of course the adjustable strap on the tulum gm is great. i keep it super short so it's like an under the arm bag but i can easily adjust to messenger style if i wanted to. and plus, so few people have this bag vs. the saleya. but i will get the saleya eventually too. :smile: HTH!
  8. I really need both...LOL:graucho:
  9. you DO!!! if you ever go to the store, try on the tulum and you'll know what i mean. :devil: