Tulum GM...thoughts...???

  1. Do you guys like this bag??? Specifically worn messanger style. Thanks
  2. Yea, I think it's cute! To me, it seems like an 'adventure bag' - the kind you can sling over your shoulder and go anywhere or do anything with!
  3. I think it's a very cute bag. It's definitely in style and you could do a lot with it. I love the twist lock. It's a great bag. :smile:
  4. I love the Tulum style,i think its cute and its different,you dont see it too often.
  5. I like the Tulum. I think it is more dressier than a messenger-IMO.
  6. The Tulum GM looks great as a messenger I actually saw a guy trying it on the other day!
  7. I think its really nice and also great as a messenger :smile:
  8. I'm considering this bag too for the same purpose ... I think it'll look great worn messenger style!
  9. I own and love my tulum pm wish I would have got the gm to wear messenger style
  10. The Tulum GM is fantastic. I use it messenger style when I'm running around with my 2 year old. I also like the way it can be adjusted, i.e., to a shorter strap. When I'm using my son's stroller, I hook it around both of the stroller handles. Works great as a toddler tote for me. I especially love roundness of the bag--very soft looking--as opposed to the usual rectangular style for messenger bags.
  11. i love the tulum design, but i think gm is too big (at least for me). if the pm comes in adjustable shoulder strap... i'm on it!!! :graucho:
  12. I have the GM and I love the messenger strap on it...its a great bag and HOLDS A TON!!!
  13. I was considering returning my Black Denim Cabby GM and maybe getting this. I havent used the Cabby yet..so undecided on it. Would I be making a huge mistake?? LOL
  14. Hard decision! I love the look of the Cabby too. (That's not of any help, is it?) :smile:
  15. i like it~