Tulum GM/PM or Croissant MM/GM??? *LONG*


Which bag do you like best? :D

  1. Tulum PM - great size, not too big, nice details

  2. Tulum GM - adjustable straps are cool!

  3. Croissant PM - nice size and simple chic

  4. Croissant GM - love the slouch!

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  1. So I saw a lovely girl today with the Tulum GM and I was :wtf:... I LOVED it!!! I never would have given it a second thought at all, but then I saw it on her and naturally I was like :graucho: *I* can wear that as well as her too!

    So I did some research like a [​IMG]and while I was :search: through the visual aids section, came across ajamesgrly with the Croissant GM.

    But of course! She looked so [​IMG] wearing it that I fell in :heart: with the Croissant too!!

    Now I am :wacko:

    1. I like the Tulum GM cause of it's adjustable straps, but I'm afraid it might be too big on me.
    2. I like the Croissant GM's slouchiness but I'm afraid it might be too big on me as well.
    3. The Tulum PM and the Croissant MM could look better on me but they might not have the characteristics that attracted me to their older sisters in the first place.

    I'm about 5'4 and a size 4.

    So ladies and gents, please HELLLPPPP!!!! :upsidedown:
  2. The Tulum PM sounds like a great bag for you. ;)
  3. tulum!! I think the tulum MM isn't that small..you might want to consider if you find the gm is too large!
  4. Pics!

    Tulum GM on Dragon Girl


    Tulum PM on Diva Baby

    Croissant GM on ajamesgrly

    Croissant MM on Nita (bagsnbags)
  5. i like the tulum pm.
  6. I prefer the Croissant Gm- but it was discontinued a while ago and I'm pretty sure they're aren't any left :push:
  7. I've always LOVED the Croissant! I chose the GM for you!
  8. I personally don't like Tulum and suggest you Croissant GM but if you're size 4, choose Croissant PM ;) I saw woman size 2 or 4 with Croissant GM and she looks drown by her Croissant GM
  9. Croissant is sold out....so if your purchasing new go for the other!:yes:
  10. i've always liked the croissant gm but by the time i want it, it was discontinued! but i own the tulum gm and was surprised at how similar they are actually. i really love the tulum because it's so comfortable and can fit so much in there! it's definitely one of the best bags i have. but you probably should get the pm size as that would probably suit your height/weight better. good luck!!
  11. I love the size and form of the tulum but have to say that with that lock on the front-I do not know why, I just do not like it. But the croissant is so wonderful, how about medium if the big one is too big? I wish they would still make it!
  12. I had the Croissant MM and now have the Tulum PM, love both, but be aware that the way the zipper opening on the Croissant is sewn (tightly closed at both ends) it gives you a "tighter" opening to your bag. This is probably less so in the GM, being a larger bag, but it was difficult to get my PTI in and out of the MM. The Tulum PM zipper is sewn so that this is not a problem.
    Having had both, I prefer the Tulum.
    Happy shopping!
  13. I like the tulum gm.
  14. I have and like the Tulum GM. The fact that you can make it any length you want is great.
  15. I love the Tulum GM because you can wear it many ways-I'd go for it! :smile: