Tulum Gals!!!!

  1. OK Girls...and guys....I FINALLY broke down and wore the Tulum Gm today.I was unsure of it after buying it and now I love it again..Strange how sometimes you fall in and out of love with a bag...LOL! Thanks for all your advice re: the Tulum...JILL:lol:
  2. Pic please. :yes:
  3. Tulum Is So Beautiful....I Am So Glad You Are Enjoying It!!!
  4. Yay!!! It's still on my list- I want one so bad! Do you prefer it as a shoulder bag or messenger?
  5. Yay! I really like the Tulum, but I haven't seen it in person yet. I love that you could wear the GM crossbody. Is the shoulder strap comfortable? Did you have trouble choosing between the PM and the GM?
  6. I really wanted to get this one, but I went for the Mezzo instead. I fell in love with the Tulum, but I wanted a bag that could stand up on it's own, and the Tulum doesn't look like it can.

    I like the fact that the Tulum has one strap, and it can hand across the body. It's a beautiful bag!
  7. I thought I would only wear it as a shoulder bag..but I was wrong..It needs to be worn as a messenger..its way cuter that way!
  8. Ooh I love the Tulum....maybe I'll be a Tulum gal some day lol!
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