Tulsa's Buried Belvidere

  1. In 1957 a Chrysler Belvidere was buried in the lawn outside the Tulsa County Courthouse with a time capsule and a five gallon barrel of gas to be unearthed fifty years later at the Tulsa Centennial celebration, and tomorrow is the big day. Yesterday the underground vault was unsealed and today was a trial "lift" of the car to see if it could be raised without breaking or falling. People have come from all over the U.S. to see the unveiling, and some have come from as far as Australia. Today at the trial lift I met a couple from Maryland who have been planning to attend this event for twenty years! Here is a pic of the Belvidere in the vault just before the trial lift. I hope they will bury something else for us to dig up in another fifty!

  2. That's so cool!
  3. I grew up in Tulsa. I miss it!
  4. I live in Tulsa! My fiance is a manager for a local auto parts store and he's in charge of getting Boyd Coddington (i think i spelled that wrong) the parts/tools he needs to fix it. It came up at noon today. I'm so jealous that Nathan's gonna probably get to be there at the unveiling tonight! I want to go sooo badly.
  5. babydol, I was there for the "resurrection" at noon today and then I watched the unveiling on the live broadcast. I am disappointed in the condition of the car (and Boyd seems to want to leave it that way which suggests that it is less than repairable) but the removal from the vault was amazing...both times... :smile:

    Happy 100th Birthday Tulsa!!! :drinkup:
  6. I grew up in Tulsa too {and Bixby}, I miss it there.
    It's a fantastic little big city!
  7. I just saw this on the CBS evening news- pretty cool!
  8. thats pretty cool!! thanks for sharing!! :smile: