~Tulle Spy by Fendi- the aah so beautiful pink one!

  1. I know many hated it.. but I just couldn't resist it's charms..

    the beautiful tulle spy.. :love:

    I can't keep my hands off it.. a feast for your eyes.. =)
    uaeyah-spy-tulle-pink1.jpg uaeyah-spy-tulle-pink2.jpg uaeyah-spy-tulle-pink3.jpg uaeyah-spy-tulle-pink4.jpg
  2. Wow....very unique! Thanks for sharing!
  3. That is beautiful! One of the only spy bags I still like.
  4. I really like it --How much???!!!
  5. I'm amazed how intracite that is. Very lovely!
  6. BEAUTIFUL.. i didnt know it was made of lacey mesh fabric.. fabulous! I LIKEY LOTS!!! Wear it with PRIDE
  7. OMG this purse is a true piece of art. I love it!! I think you should put it on display when you're not carrying it!!! BEAUTIFUL!! i can't stop drooling......
  8. That's one great looking piece of art. It is so uniquely beautiful.
  9. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! And I'm not a fan of spy bags either but this bag has me going "woo!"

    it looks much better in your pictures than in magazine pictures. SOOO pretty!
  10. Oh, it's so beautiful. I love it, Congrats on your purchase!
  11. Very elegant! Thanks for posting pics!
  12. OMGoodness! That's adorable!!!
    I LOVE girly = so I LOVE tulle!
    I do not like Spys at all, until now!
  13. oh wow, amazing...I could never take that purse out...id have to baby it like crazy...beautiful though! I'd love it in like a midnight bluecolor or somthing...
  14. Gorgeous, that is definitely a unique gem for any collection !

    Any chance we might get a glimpse at the rest of your treasures ? ;)
  15. Great great bag!!! How would you use the bag?
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