Tulle~1 Day Specials*Tue 2/03*Select Items $5.99 (Original Price Was $50)

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  1. ooh! can't wait to see them! thanks!
  2. Thanks! They have some seriously super cute things! I already added like 10 items to my shopping bag! :smile:
  3. wait, so it's just these two jackets??

  4. I'm afraid so!! Seriously...I couldn't believe it myself, so I wrote to them for clarification. The selection certainly could have been MUCH better IMO!
  5. hahahaha i can't stop laughing. that is hilarious. i mean i guess they are cute jackets but...wtf?? hahahaha
  6. not feelin those jackets
  7. The jackets also come in a WHEAT color, pretty much a cream khaki color. Sheesh. I can't believe that is it!
  8. Their sizing chart is useless :sad:
  9. tulle typically runs small, it's a juniors size cut.

  10. I think it would be cute with jeans but I wish I'm afraid to order because of the sizing.