Tulita Collection - PICS ONLY!!!

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    Please post any photos of your authentic Jimmy Choo Tulita styles such as the Flap Hobo, JC7, JC15, Tahula, Talia, Tam, Tender, Tish, Togo, Tribeca, and Troy.
    Please indicate the color name, style, season and year of the bag you are posting. This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Thelma - in matte natural python A/W 2007, goldtone hardware
  3. Tayten in brown glitter calf, goldtone hardware, 2006 Cruise Europe:

  4. Talia in brown glitter calf, goldtone hardware, 2006 Cruise Europe:

  5. Purple Gypsy Tayten
  6. JC7 Camel 2006/2007


    Brown Troy Cruise 2006/2007


    Gold Woven Troy Cruise 2006/2007


    Torquay Flap Hobo Spring/Summer 2005

    jc7.jpg Troy.jpg troy gold.jpg jc4.jpg
  7. Talia
    Camel leather (yes, real camel)
    Goldtone hardware
    Fall/Winter 2006??
  8. Troy A/W 2007 in Navy Python

  9. Tecla A/W 2007 Plum python
    sorry - a little blurry, could not sharpen

  10. Olivia from Tulita line of SS 2005.
  11. Unknown Purchased from Selfridges Dec 05
    JC Unknown.jpg
  12. Tara AW05
  13. Torquay 05 suede/silver metallic
    torquay 003.JPG
  14. JC7, black, s/s 2007
  15. Tasha in Natural Python from SS2008: