Tulip Has Some New Bling To Reveal

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  1. As most of you know I'm a real sucker for bling. :nuts: I wear or carry it morning, noon & night. :P

    If you see someone shopping in Target and you go blind looking at my handbag, it's probably me. :lol:

    I march to the beat of my own drum. Everyone should!
  2. Can't wait to see your purchase :smile:
  3. It's not very large, but it packs a big punch IMHO!

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  4. Yaaay! I know it's something blingy & gorgeous!! Can't wait to see! :smile:
  5. Ohh Tulip I can't wait to see! You know we have the same taste!!! 😊
  6. Oh wow, sorry for the delay. I'm at work and I was bounced out of my chair by an awful car wreck right outside my door. :faint:

    Well, lets get on with the Reveal! :weird:

    I've been wanting another Boy L-Gusset Zip Wallet. The other one that I have is the gorgeous Cobalt Blue. But I needed another color that would coordinate a little bit more nicely with more of my handbags.

    So I headed out to Chanel and this is what I found. :biggrin:

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  7. Why yes...yes we do. Your Moniker says it all IMHO! :roflmfao:
  8. I have quite a few Jumbo's (along with other Chanel handbags) with SHW so this is going to be perfect.

    I just know it will put a :smile: on my face every time I pull this baby out! (Probably to buy more Chanel) :lol:

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  9. Here it is in a bit of different lighting.

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  10. I've been carrying this Pink (Fuchsia) Patent Jumbo CF from 2014 (found on the Secondary Market) this week. I was carrying the Cobalt Blue wallet with it, and it just wasn't working for me so I decided it was time for a new Wallet. So off to Chanel I went. :whistle:

    It didn't take my SA long to pull this from the drawer! She knows my style.

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  11. Have a great weekend everyone! Good golf, good tennis, or whatever makes your heart sing! :drinkup::sunshine:

    Thanks for attending my blingy Reveal! :hugs:
  12. She is gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Stunning!! Congrats!
    And your patent looks like new and so luscious!
  14. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  15. Amazing!