Tuleste Market

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  1. Gilt has this jewelry on a sale today. Did anyone ever order from this company? If so, were you happy with your purchase. I liked the crystal chain link necklace.
  2. Who, from Gilt?? HECK YES. I am the biggest fan of Gilt. Their customer service is awesome, shipping is lightning fast, items are all 100% authentic, prices are FAB.
  3. I think she means Tuleste Market, not Gilt. Personally I have never heard of Tuleste Market but I would recommend doing some research about the item you want to buy and see if it is available elsewhere, I have heard too many horror stories about Gilt to order from them, search tpf if you are interested in reading them.
  4. No, I think she means Gilt. Or else why would she specifically refer to a necklace that is being featured on Gilt right now?

    I have never heard of anyone having a bad experience with Gilt Groupe, and I've ordered probably 10+ times from them.... :shrugs:
  5. I was referring to Tuleste Market and I wanted to know if anyone ever ordered from that designer.

    But yes, I have ordered from Gilt and have been happy with my purchases. I just wish you could return jewelry if you don't like it!
  6. Did you order the Tuleste Market jewelry?? I am wondering what you thought of it.
  7. I ordered it and I will get it today. I'll let you know if its nice.
  8. The necklace was cute, but it was bigger and chunkier then I thought. I called Gilt and they said they would make an exception and let me return it.