Tuileries wallet and other compact wallets

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  1. I'm looking for a compact wallet and I called a Goyard store and the sa there informed me that they only have one kind and it's being discontinued and it is called the Tuileries. She also said that the price of the wallet is 1200. Anyone know of any other compact Goyard wallets and 1200 seems pretty steep for something made of canvas! This is more than a Chanel wallet and I don't know that goyard's quality is better than Chanel.
  2. The SA is right. There used to be two styles called Neuilly (discontinued about 2 years ago) and Tuileries (discontinued a few months ago). According to the SAs in Paris some new styles are likely to be launched this summer.

    Goyard is traditionally expensive as its canvas still needs a hand-made process to be made. That's why it's way more expensive than LV for example. And it's also fragile. Hand-painted chevrons on Goyardine canvas will fade over time, and it's normal wear and tear... If you want something very very durable that will last for ages and less expensive, why not consider LV classic monogram wallets ? These are real workhorses. I own a few monogram pieces and have to admit it's so durable and timeless. :smile:
  3. I have a few lv wallets already and wanted something different. Everyone these days has lv wallets! I'm sad Goyard discontinued the Tuileries. I hope that there will be some nice wallets forthcoming this fall that aren't too big. I think 1200 is still steep given that Goyard no longer handpaints their items. Also you can purchase a St. Louis tote in the pm for roughly that amount.
  4. Shelly319, I was just in Paris this week and purchased a white Neuilly wallet. SA told me to his surprise, Goyard made a few recently. I bought the 2nd to the last one. When I went back to pick up my monogrammed Artois a few days later, the last one on display was gone. It's compact with a great coin compartment. I am having a second thought about keeping it though. If you'd like, I can share the pictures, including a receipt to show its authenticity, and see what you think. I am not sure whether we can do private conversation through Purseforum....
  5. Here is a pic.

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  6. Here's another.

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  7. It's really pretty. Not looking for a white one though. I have a terrible time with light colored items. Thank you though!
  8. Yes, it sure is pretty! I've decided to keep it after all.
  9. Love it! Very pretty and extremely well made