tuffcookie's opening act - tadpolenyc's grey intro

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  1. while we're waiting for jackie to post pictures of her beautiful new addition, i'll show you guys mine. something small this time, but like lovekoobabags, i love greys!

    introducing my spring 08 pale grey zc! it's lined in light grey suede. thumbs down to bad lighting. it looks lilac in the first pic, but it's actually a true light grey. second picture is a bit better. i love it! :love:



  2. WOW i like that light grey. :drool: You got suede lining? sonofa&^%@ where were these during the NM sale?? Can u take pics of the interior too? pretty please :girlsigh:
    Would u say this Light grey is very close to the 07 Light grey?
  3. Very pretty:love:, love the understated color, and of course knowing it has suede inside makes it even better. Congrats!
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Beautiful! I :heart: greys too. SO GORGEOUS!!! Glad to hear it was lined with suede too. Congrats tadpole!
  6. your wish is my command! my pics are just not coming out very clear today. sorry about that. it got cloudy and the lighting in my apartment is just :tdown:. i transferred all my stuff from the bordeaux zc already, and i've had this for, what, maybe 15 minutes? i'm such a toolbag.

    i thought this was resort 07 grey, but i just took a look at the serial tag and it said sp08. the things i learn. there's a messenger bag in this color too.

  7. FANTASTIC! Congrats! :party:
  8. Beautiful!
  9. That is gorgeous!
  10. Great color...enjoy!
  11. Wow, that's a stunning color! You are not a toolbag, no point in getting something you don't want to use right away. Congrats!
  12. So pretty tadpole! Love it!
  13. lovely, lovely :girlsigh: Congrats on your purchase. Man, we need to implement our own BBoS w/in the MJ forum ;)
  14. Great Tadpole! We have twin ZCs now!!! I love that color as well... Tames down my red frenzy. :smile:
  15. Fabulous color! It will work great year round.. congrats!