Tuesdays with Twiggers: Check it Out

  1. Heehee....my foray into the blog world! I love tPF so much...and last winter I did a guest blog on the Miroir line....but now with Megs & Vlad's permission I am going to a weekly guest blog about Louis Vuitton.

    Check out the first week...whatcha think?


    I alreayd have next week's all planned out...heehee I love talking about LV!
  2. Neat idea :nuts:
  3. Congrats Twiggers!!!
  4. Thanks Claire :smile: Fortunately...with the amount of stuff LV keeps coming out with...I should have no problem LOL
  5. Congrats! Look forward to reading them!
  6. congrats twiggies!! can't wait to read it!!
  7. awesome naomi! i thought you were going to have a webcam and a live talk show or something. haha. ;)
  8. Congrats, Twiggers! I look forward to reading all about LV accessories. :flowers:
  9. Hi Twiggers,
    I just read your first LV article....congrats !! I think you will have a very wide audience, as the LV forum is the biggest here !!!! Keep us up to date on all the goodies....Great JOb !!! Thanks !!!!!!
  10. Great idea, congrats!
  11. You are way too cute twiggers! I love it though!
  12. Cute twiggers
  13. Great job, Twiggers!! I enjoyed your first blog. Very well done! Can't wait to read more!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. twiggers i love your idea !! cant wait to read your blog :tup: