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  2. Jill, I love everything! It's the first time I've seen the jacket and wallet. You will be oh so stylish this winter!
  3. Jill, Your bag is totally Gorgeous! So stylish, and the colours are so rich!
    :heart: Loves it! :heart:
    The wallet looks fab, it goes so well with the bag!
    Congrats, and thanx for posting!
  4. I wasnt sure If I would keep the wallet...BUT Im so in love with it..HOWEVER it zips around..Anyone think thatll be a PIA with receipts getting caught in zipper??LMK what ya think!
  5. As long as you can zip it, the receipts should not be an issue - at least they won't get lost! I wish Prada made that wallet in the same size with foldover snap closure.

    Love the coat - fur in in and at least its not on the pockets like the regular prada coats! :lol:
  6. As many times as you take out your credit cards in a week for Prada purchases alone, I think it will be a pain in the neck. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I think you need to send it to Aunt Valerie.

    The color is gorgeous. My favorite purse color. You did good girl (for once.):yahoo:

    Is the leather like buttah? Sorry, just saw Mike Myers on SNL as Linda Richman, along with Madonna and special appearance by B. Streisand. Hysterical. :wlae:
  7. Love everything - are you going to model the coat for us? Hehe.
  8. The wallet is going back.Im gonna get the flap one in the long version instead..I HATE zip wallets..my receipts will stick out and get stuck and look MESSY....I paid for the bag before PHH would see how much it was!!LOL!although I do think he is getting better at dealing with the CRAZY prices at Prada this year..LMAO.....:graucho:
  9. I have always preferred flap-wallet version, it looks much nicer than zip wallet.
  10. Jill, Congrats. I saw these lines at NM's Prada boutique over the weekend, the colors are so rich & gorgeous. =) This purse is the same as the one you got recently right? It is soft like butter (feels like it can melt) -- I kept touching it & touching it. LOL. There's another wrinkley line there that didn't feel as nice.
  11. Jill, You should keep the wallet to match your bag. I love it!
  12. Coachwife, I love your posts -- I just bursted out lauging & my co-worker gave me a weird look. LOL. =)
    This purse does feel like buttah, it's yummmmmy.
  13. I love the bag. Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous Jill!
  15. Firstly congrats on the beautiful purchases! You have amazing taste. :heart: How do you like the Gauffre in the smaller size? Did you have a chance to use it?