Tuesday Blues Reveal...

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  1. I have to make this one quick as I am off to work. Just some history. A couple of years ago when the OM Neverfulls were supposed to no longer be available I walked into Neiman Marcus Short Hills LV and requested an Azur GM. I remember thinking I don't want to pay the extra cost for the pouch I wouldn't use. The SA pulled one out and to both our surprises it was the OM at the OM price. When the color Iris came out I was in Riverside Mall LV (NJ) and on display was a Celeste secret wallet. They had a few Celeste pieces left at Short Hills as well. Last month my co worker showed me an Instagram picture of an LV she wanted. I had seen it before but was sure it was discontinued. I showed the pic to my SA in the same LV and sure enough it was discontinued but she had 3 in stock. It was the Eden. I picked it up for my coworker and she was thrilled. So now on to my reveal. There were two purses that fell under my radar and I didn't want them until they were out of stock. It bugged me that it was still on the site under "call for availability". Every time I called I was told the items were out of stock. I would've went pre-loved but they never popped up.

    So before you call me nuts *Disclaimer* I am a clinical psychologist. I called EVERY Louis Vuitton in the UNITED STATES. I located one purse in Palo Alto and the other in Denver, Colorado. I lucked out in Denver I happened to be in Colorado Springs visiting my son. While he was at work (U.S Army) I rented a car with google maps and headed on over. I had the other shipped and made sure my DH was home to sign for it. I arrived home last night, kissed the DD and DH and went straight for my package.

    Moral of the story... your "discontinued" or "not available" item may still be out there. So who is ready for my stalker purse dream reveal?
  2. Here!
  3. Here's a clue while I get ready for work. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464117393.550521.jpg
  4. such a beautiful blue!
  5. I'm here drooling already..
  6. Montaigne GM!!! And she's French

    I got her hot stamped this morning!!!
  7. OMG, I love the colour! Congratulations on your beautiful new treasure!!
  8. Ok. I'm going to be late. I'll make this quick. Thanks for letting me share.



    Twinset, pochette, Twice. I don't care she's mine!!!!
  9. My Iris family

  10. Such a beautiful family photo:loveeyes:
  11. Gorgeous! Wish I could commit to a color scheme like that
  12. Beautiful color and nice collection! :biggrin::love:
  13. Wow!!! Seriously beautiful!
  14. Gorgeous collection!
    The shade of blue is timeless.
  15. Lovely blue color and collection! Congrats!