Tudor Watches

  1. Hi, I've been desperately searching for a watch for a good six months now, I was originally going to get a Raymond Weil or Tag Heuer in two tone but heard bad things about Tags and never found the ultimate RW.

    Today my BF and I were searching watches and came across Tudor which I had heard as being the cheaper brand under Rolex but I thought they just wouldn't be nice. Anyway searched online and found the website and just loved them so quickly dragged BF into the only retailer in Perth that sells them and fell in love!! :heart:

    My GF just bought a Rolex (not sure of name) and it looked really similar to the classic collection from Tudor. So just wondering does anyone have one and what are their thoughts on them. I love the Rolex's but just do not have the funds to get one so just want a really nice high end classic watch.

    I am considering getting a 28mm Classic Collection watch with the white face. Pictures are attached of the one with diamonds and the one without. The diamond watch has approx 0.2 carats of D grade brilliant cut diamonds and is $3,165 AUD and the one without diamonds is $2,450 AUD so I'm wondering what people think is better value for money. I don't know a huge amount on diamonds so I'm not sure if it is worth the $700 price difference or if this could be used towards something else maybe some diamond studs:graucho:.

    Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated!!! :smile:
    diamond.jpg plain.jpg
  2. Tudor is cheaper but looks great too I reckon
  3. I've a vintage Tudor Oyster that belonged to my grandfather and was then passed down from my father to me. I had it overhauled and it keeps perfect time.
    Tudor is the sister to Rolex and the watches do cost less but my jeweller said they are a good option as it's essentially the same workings. Mine dates to around the 1940s and is still going strong.
    Will post a pic on Monday.
  4. Bumping up this thread as there are new models....what do you think?

    I am in love with the 31mm Glamour Date, steel and gold bezel, diamond markers with violet lizard strap! The one in white lizard is classy too!
    Tudor Glamour Date 31mm diamond markers, violet lizard.JPG Tudor Glamour Date 31mm SS YG bezel diamond black lizard.JPG Tudor Glamour Date 31mm SS YG bezel diamond grey lizard.JPG Tudor Glamour Date 31mm SSYG bezel diamond violet lizard.JPG
  5. Oops missed out the white lizard strap
    Tudor Glamour Date 31mm SS YG bezel diamond white lizard.JPG