TTC--> Pregnant!! Updates

  1. Hey Preggy ladies...

    Give us updates on your progress here!
  2. 22 weeks for me. Just over the halfway point.

    Babydust to all :heart::heart::heart:
  3. I am 16 weeks. TTC for 7 months. Did Accpuncture and Chinese Medicine on the 7th month. DH did sperm analysis, everything was normal. Got referral to specialist, but got HPT just before making the appt.

    Didn't get sick but got some spotting at 6th and 8th weeks. And funny feeling in my throat around 9th to 11the week. Just feel like sitting in front of TV after finding out.

    Baby Dust to all the TTC ladies (especially to Tabbyco!!!!)
  4. cant believe im 27 weeks now!! joined ttc thread complaining about not getting prego and got prego a month or 2 after with the luck of the ladies=) ttc since april 07. was super sick until 16 weeks/4 months due to extreme morning sickness. finally feel normal now but getting bigger by the minute!
    dh and i spend our babymoon in the bahamas first week of january..yucky glucose test tomorrow and having my first shower next weekend....
    time flies and i cant wait to meet my baby=)

    good luck to all!
  5. Babymoon :roflmfao: I love it.. I am totally going on a babymoon when I get pregnant!
  6. When I first join in the "Trying To Conceive (TTC)" thread, I already missed my period for a few days but had not find out if I was PG yet. So I am not sure if I would be considered "TTC -> Pregnant". I will post my updates anyways.

    I am almost 11 weeks. So far, I don't have much symptoms. No m/s or nausea really. The last few days had been tough for me because I had sore throat and runny nose. I'm going to my 2nd OB visit tomorrow. We saw a hb at the 1st visit, so hopefully everything is still good.
  7. Am 16 weeks now, and have my next Dr visit on the 18th to be sure all is ok. 4 more weeks until the "big" u/s when we find out pink or blue!!!
  8. shyloo, VT Pooh & nycbagaddict - did/will you find out the gender of your baby?

    I already know you are finding out, Needanotherbag. =)
  9. Awww, congrats everyone on healthy pregnancies so far. Keep us updated!!
  10. Yes, we found out right before Christmas that we will (most likely) be having a little girl.
  11. Nice to hear from all you ladies again. All the best for the pregnancy. Do spread more baby dust here!
  12. Qteikiki, we are going to find out next week. I don't think I can wait for another 5 months or so.
  13. were having a baby boy=) so crazy cuz we know 7 other couples having a boy in april!

    we need help with names though! we dont have one in mind at all!
  14. YESSS you have to make sure and plan a babymoon=)
  15. Anyone delivered yet? Shyloo?? VT Pooh, how close are you??