TTC Chat

  1. Hey ladies, we've gotten to know each other pretty well on this forum, especially since we are all going through a really emotional time together. So I thought I'd start us a little chat thread:

    Anything goes in this thread and lets not talk about TTC....
  2. So I'll go first... I'm at work right now trying to get my self together for a big convention out in Las Vegas... can't wait to eat some yummy food and do a little shopping at night :yes: I'm hitting up the new stores at Pallazo Sunday night.

    Anyone been to Pallazo yet?
  3. lucky tabbyco! I never been there yet! But there's 2 stores I really want to go.. Louboutin and Barneys! Hope you have a nice shopping spree there!
    So which buffet will you go? My favorite is the Ballagio or the Wynn hehe

    I'm at work! the day has just begin! can't wait for the weekend!
  4. My hubby is going on a business trip to Vegas soon. I wanna go toooooooo! :girlsigh:
    I've never been!
  5. Vegas is fun! I wish I could go too hehe
  6. No buffets for me... I have astrict policy against food that requires a sneeze guard :lol: I kid, I know the Vegas ones are really nice...

    Yes headed straight to the CL store right after dinner and I just got a postcard that Barney's is having a private sale starting next Tuesday!! Looks like I will be back over there on Tues too....

    So it is REALLY nice outside and I'm itching to get the heck out of this office!
  7. I got married in Vegas... chapel in The Paris hotel.
    I LOVE looking at the white tigers!!
    And walk through The Flamingo to see al the birds!!!
    I took that 2nd pic in my signature at The Flamingo.
  8. I haven't been to the Palazzo yet - would be tooooo tempted by CL...
  9. No haven't been to Pallazzo but I'm heading to Tokyo soon! I just had sushi 2 days ago and sushi again today. I never grow sick of these things!!!
  10. All I'm thinking now is some serious ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz :sleepy:
  11. Ohhhh, have fun in Vegas!! I really want to make it there one day in my lifetime. I will probably never get out of Virginia. :p

    Getting ready here for the "o" week so my mind is on that of course, but I have been really slammed at work and getting more behind every day. The work just keeps piling up. I need to clone myself.
  12. chipmunk-pnw: aww how exciting! I missed Japan too! I just went in March and I can never get enough of the sushi too! I've been sushi free for 1 month already :sad: which city are you going? I just missed the shopping at Shibuya!!!

    Everyone have a nice weekend :smile:
  13. NOOOO!! Move us back to TTC!!! Please, pretty please!!
  14. Chow for now ladies.... I'll be back next Friday.
  15. I agree!!!

    Have fun Tabby!!