TTC after first birth?

  1. My friend is thinking of having another baby. She went through fertility treatments for her first child--as well as another friend did. Both had twins.
    Now three years later my one friend got pregnant with no fertility treatments-let's say the baby was a surprise because she thought she would have to go thru all the stuff again to get pregnant.
    Now my other friend is wondering if others out here have gotten pregnant without drugs/ect.... after their first child with fertility treatments. She really hates to think she will have to do it all over again because she had a very hard time with it.
  2. I had two friends conceive after failed fertilty treatments led to adoption. In both cases the two women tried everything, were unsuccesful, decided to adopt, adopted infants then were pregnant within 5 months without even "trying."

    I guess sometimes miracles occur when we least expect them.
  3. it's very common to need fertility for the 1st pregnancy but not for subsequent pregnancies.
  4. i know of many families who underwent fertility treatment, had multiples...then had another "surprise"

    i think once the "motor gets running" it keeps on running

  5. ^^^

    lol, that's cute!