TTC after 30?

  1. So DH and I have been discussing having another baby - our son is 5 and a half now. He was going to be an only child, but then something in me changed and I've got to have another baby. I started to research baby stuff (an my how things have gotten better in just 5 years!) but I also ran into articles on how pre-menopause hormones start kicking in, making it hard to get pg in the 30's. Im 33, and got pg the first time trying for my son. It never occured to me that I may have some difficulties getting pg a second time.

    Anyone else gotten pg in their mid 30's without the help of fertility treatments and such? DH and I both agree, that if we dont get pg within a yr, then it isnt meant to be...
  2. First baby was born at 33 and my second one due in two weeks was conceived at 34 (I'm 35 now). First one took awhile. I finally took ahold of the situation by getting a basal thermometer and chartin my temperature. Baby was conceived within 3 months. WIth 2nd baby I was still breastfeeding and not using any BC. Was shocked when I found out I was pregnant when baby #1 was still only 11 months old.

    I consider myself fortunate because I have many friends my age who have been having all kinds of problems and having to gothrough tests and other things.

    Good luck!
  3. Dunno as I have no kids and no experience.. I just started this new-to-me TTC adventure (I'm 32 BTW and only stopped the pill a week ago..)

    Yet, a friend of mine got pregnant the first time at 29 after many difficulties (fertility tests, miscarriage,..) The pregnancy was difficult too and her baby boy was born prematurely (he's 1 year 1/2 now and doing great!)
    She thought it would be difficult to get pregnant again.. but it happened two months after her last pill!! And this second pregnancy is so much easier than the previous one..

    Another friend of mine (also in her 30's) had to wait two years before she first got pregnant. For her second child it worked within two months after the pill..

    Wish you good luck!
  4. Good Luck TTC :idea: My friend's wife was either 40 or in her early 40s and got pregger's their first month trying! So you never know.
  5. Thanks for the words of encouragement - I know 33 isnt old, but reading these areticles started to freak me out a little...
  6. Good luck TTC!!! I'd also suggest charting to get a good indication of when you are ovulating :smile:
  7. A person never knows if they will have trouble conceiving until they try because some people have no problems at all right into their 40's and others have difficulty in their 20's. I had my first at 29 and my last at 33 and didn't have any trouble at all. I did use ovulation predictor kits, but that is just because I was impatient. I actually went to the dr. after I had been ttc for 4 months and my dr. laughed because 4 months is such a short time. Additionally, I was pg and didn't know it when I visited the dr!

    If you have regular periods and an ovulation predictor kit indicates you are ovulating, you shouldn't have any real trouble. It should just be a matter of getting the timing right. If the kits indicate you are not ovulating, then see your dr. pronto to find out what you can do to increase your odds. If everything is fine with you and you are not conceiving, don't hesitate to have your dh checked as well. Sometimes the small difference of boxers instead of briefs can result in successfully ttc!

    Good luck!
  8. Don't let 'em - I got pg for the first time at 36 and a half (sadly miscarried) and am now pg again at 37 after only 2 months of trying. You will be finr - go for it!
  9. dd is 5 and I'm pregnant with #2 and I'm 35 (was 34 when we conceived). If you didn't have problems conceiving your 1st, chances are you won't with #2 either. And from everything I've read, even though 35 is where they start calling you "advanced maternal age" (which is lovely and oh so great for your self esteem), that's an arbirtary # and the "real" fertility issues actually occur much closer to age 40. The most recent article I read had a dr saying that he treats a healthy 35 year old TTC w/no previous conception problems the same way she would a healthy 25 year old.

    I did read Taking Charge of Your Fertility both times and charted my cycle b/c it was pretty irregular (and both times, the first full month I charted was the month I got pregnant). That book is helpful even if you just want to learn more about your cycle.

    Anyway, relax, have fun and good luck!
  10. Thanks Willowsmom , you def made me feel much better - we will hopefully start trying next week!
  11. it took a little longer for my 2nd child, i was we tried the ovulation predictor kit...when i finally targeted my right time...i got pregnant the 1st cycle.

    my cycle was irregular, so i had been targeting a completely different time...once we got the predictor kit, it made all the difference

    good luck, have fun trying
  12. As I am sure every doctor and every website will tell you, it takes healthy couples up to a year to conceive. But I would like a little more immediate gratification than that... been trying for more months than I would have liked to, but fewer than a year and I just turned 30.

    Chances are you are good to go... no better way to find out than to try :p
  13. I got pregnant with my second son at the age of 35 and gave birth to him 5 days after I turned 36.

    no fertility drugs, no intervention-nada. just good old fashioned sex.

    Oh-and what willowsmom said is true-my doctor told me the same thing when I was pregnant with my younger son.