TTC #1 for 4 long years

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  1. Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in December 2003. My husband and I have been actively trying for a baby for almost 4 years with no luck. We are talking about doing IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) around August/September. Has anyone ever done IUI?
  2. Wow - I just realized I would be TTC 4 years next month also. They diagnose me as Pre Menopausal.. I guess my clock was really ticking and I don't have a lot of good eggs left.

    I have done IUI 4 times and 1 IVF.. I think some others have done it as well on this thread. Did you have a question about the process?
  3. I did it once. I had an injection the day before the procedure and that was the only time it hurt!
  4. Is IUI the same as artificial insemination?
  5. beejerry ~ What? you only had 1 injection? Just the HCG? I was on shots every day, twice a day!

    tabbyco - yes, artificial insemination is the same as IUI, I'm pretty sure..
  6. No, it is not the same.

    It's a simple procedure. At the time of O, the Dr/nurse injects the sperms closer to the egg. Sperms are collected at the morning of the day the procedure scheduled. They do remove the bacteria and poor quality sperms from the happy fluid (that's what my Dr called).
  7. OM, really? Guess I'd an easy one! Maybe I have endo so they don't give me drugs to simulate egg productions. No wonder it failed :shame:
  8. Really? I thought AI and IUI were the same? oh well, whatever I had didn't work for me, nor did the IVF. I make eggs every month but the quality is in question I guess. Even when they stimulate me, I don't make a lot, but I do make them.
  9. Oh, correction. Looks like they are the one and the same:

    Main Entry: artificial insemination
    Function: noun
    : introduction of semen into part of the female reproductive tract (as the cervical opening, uterus, or fallopian tube) by other than natural means
  10. Hey dear, have you started your second IVF? I remember you said you're going to consultation.
  11. I have done 2 IUIs, 3 IVFs, 1 FET (frozen embryo transfer), and a laparoscopy to clear up endometriosis. With my IUIs, we used Clomid, but not the injected drugs, so the only shot was the HCG shot. After that, we skipped doing injected egg stimulation, for several reasons, and went right to IVF.

    The IUIs were not bad. It was a relatively simple process compared to IVF. It didn't work for me, but it does for lots of people!
  12. I am going to get a second IUI soon. I'm competing with my biological clock.

    *tick, tick*
  13. Ugh! I had my second consultation in December and it went well.. Now they aren't even calling me back! They said they would call when they got my records from my previous doctor. I had them sent beginning of February! I was calling and calling and they said they didn't get my records and I had to get them sent again, well actually DH hand delivered them the 2nd time and they still have not called me! I had called so many times. Then they said the doctor was off for the month of March but they'd have his associate call.. Still no call! I feel like I met some guy, showed him my goodies and now he won't return my calls! I am just disgusted with the whole thing right now and I don't want to do another IVF this close to Summer. I am in a wedding and DH is in a wedding as well and we have to travel for that and I don't want to have to pack up all my needles and keep my meds refrigerated for the trip..

    I'm really upset they didn't call. I know he knows who I am.. I wore cute socks to the HSG nd he even commented on them.
  14. Geeze! That's not nice. They should return calls! It's frustuatiing that they put your life on hold!!!! :cursing:
  15. my question was if anyone did IUI and if it took and which cycle? I so badly want a baby but as bad as this sounds, I keep putting money out to these doctors who seem like they are full of crap and just want my money