Tsubi Skinny Zipper Jeans Black Where Have You Gone????

  1. what happened??? i am looking everywhere for those tsubi black zipper skinny jeans and they have non on ioffer.com and hardly any on eBay.com or any websites... i am so mad!!!!!!! i dont even care if they are fake i just want a pair!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh i am so annoyed thanks
  2. try bluebee or ronherman websites for the black skinny jeans, i'm sure they have them. Oh and if you do order from Ron Herman, even sizes have black plus signs on the back, and odd sizes have gray ones. Hope that helps.
  3. Have you tried searching under "Ksubi"? They changed their name, so you might have more luck under the new name. Good luck!
  4. try Shopbop.com too

  5. Shopbop doesn't have them but Ron Herman should, as does Barney's and sometimes Fred Segal. I have them and love them but the waistband stretches out so order a size down!
  6. I saw some in the Gold Coast, at TOY or Platinum. try searching there.