Tsubi Jeans!

  1. Can the super skinny zip jeans be altered?
    i`m in love with them.. but i`m pretty sure they won't fit. i`m only 5'2

    and i`ve been looking @ True Religion "stella"
    and Joe's Jeans "chelsea"..

    anybody own any of these?
    i need opinions on these jeans :yes:
  2. oo you should give true religion johnny a try .. im only 5'2 also and i love the fit
  3. Do you want to shorten them? I think it'd be tricky :s

    Alternatively, try the T(K)subi lean beans - similar cut but without the zip so you can alter them.

    Sass and Bide also make a similar style to the skinny zips... they might be worth a try.

    Alternatively, if you can hang out another few months both labels will be having sales, and those styles are $40 - $80AUD. You could probably get a company like GoFetchThis - Going Secure... to get them for you, and then it wouldn't matter if you couldn't take them up... at that price, who cares if it doesn't work?! ha!
  4. i've got a pair of those in the turquoise and i'm only 1" taller than you are (5'3"). Altering it is too hard because of the zips, you'd have to get rid of the zips and then get the alterations people slit the side of each leg and have them add the zipper back on. I've decided to leave mine unchanged... i just fold my jeans inwards which pretty much defeats the purpose of having these because i fold the zips away :sad: so it's a matter of how badly you want the zips style and whether you're willing to bite the bullet and have it altered the right way.
  5. i was looking at those too!
    well, they could always tapper them more if i want i guess.:yes:
  6. yea, i saw 'lean beans' but they didn't look as "skinny" to me.

    :s i need jeans nowww. lol. do you think maybe after thanksgiving they`ll go on sale?

  7. yea, that's what i was thinking..
    i just saw short people like nicole richie wearing them and stuff, so i was like.. HEY. hahah

    thanks for the advice :heart: :flowers:
  8. We don't do thanksgiving in Australia! It's in late November though, right? Anyway - the Sass and Bide sale is almost like clockwork in Sydney in the first week or so of December. The Tsubi sale is a little more varied, but generally around the same time. Both are before Christmas.

    Anyway - in terms of styles, maybe Tsubi skinny pins? They're pretty much a cross between the lean bean and the skinny zips - here's a pic: TSUBI - SKINNY PINS JEANS (WORN GREY)

    HTHs :smile: