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  1. Recently I checked out the Reed Krakoff site and I love, love, love, the bags. I adore the shoes, jewelry, and accessories as well. Yes I am aware the price point is much higher but the excitement that I felt clicking from one item to the next helped to soothe the sting of a $1000 bag or boots. But considering that Coach has bags not too far off in price I found myself a little irritated. So here's the point, like some of you my feelings for Coach have depleted due to what seems to be a lack of effort in design and an obvious drop in quality in materials. So I wonder all this time, season after season of disapointment has Reed been saving all his good ideas for himself and leaving Coach with the leftovers. What do you think ladies, I know that I have been REALLY :yahoo:excited to see something from Coach in quite some time. So shame on you Reed if you've been hoarding all of the creativity for yourself.
    (sorry for being so long)
  2. In think it perfectly resonable that the line is different and exciting. If it wasn't what would separate his line from Coach? Coach have had some fabulous designs recently, and I'm quite sure he is not sketching all the designs himself - as creative director he probably has the final say as to what makes it into that seasons collection.
  3. Well, there are those who've said the same of Marc Jacobs and questioned whether it was a conflict of interest for him to be designing for LV and for Marc Jacobs and for Marc by Marc Jacobs. I don't see this as any different. Many designers have a full-priced and then a lower-priced brand, and that isn't generally viewed as a conflict of interest. I doubt the situation with RK vs Coach will be any different.
  4. +1. Besides, RK's target audience is a whole different group ;)
  5. I kind of agree with ISTYLE. Does the Coach customer no longer deserve beautiful, classic bags? Does she always have to get something on-trend? It definitely keeps us going after the next bag and the next bag! After seeing the Reed Krakoff collection, I do feel that he is changing the direction of the Coach brand to be more and more trendy. Every so often, we see a thread here on tpf about the "classic, yummy, legacy" styles of the past that we wish would come back. Maybe RK is going to fill that Coach lover's void just at a higher price point. When I see a Coach for $1400 and a RK for $1400, it might make me hop on over to RK. We've all seen threads complaining about the 1k plus Coaches and how they are not high designer bags but with designer prices. Who knows, maybe RK will get that customer that feels that RK is "designer enough" for her.
  6. By no means am I saying that there lines should be similar or resemble each other in any way. But I know that I have read many threads about the changes in Coach's quality compared to the days when they only made leather bags. I also understand that they want to broaden their price point for demographic reasons, but as a consumer I want to feel like a company is REALLY wanting to put out their best stuff and if I hadn't seen his line I could have assumed that. But now I can't say I feel that is the case. And yes I agree I'm sure he's not making every sketch but he does approve them.
  7. coach, it feels like, they're doing more trendy things (although there are still some that are a bit more classic) and the price point reflects that--some not all

    reed's namesake label is more expensive so the bag design itself should be timeless

    otherwise why pay so much (besides being made in Italy) and why buy from reeds versus coach?
  8. I just find that as I mature I want something timeless. I look at my bags more like investmets and how much use I get per dollar. I love classic designs and quality leather I can't remember the last time I bought a bag just because it was fun. I want rare and beautiful. I'd rather have someone ask me what I am carrying rather than carrying something they've seen a thousand times over. So with that in mind I will pay a little more not just for exclusivity but for quality and craftsmanship.
  9. ^the quality is a bit harder to control as any company expands and coach has done so pretty fast BUT I think that they're not so bad in terms of quality and if there is such they will take care of you

    I know it's not ideal but it's better then those who say tough luck, and make it a SOL situation
  10. I like Reed's stuff (just went to have a look-see) but I find it to be ALOT different from Coach. We also must consider what price points Coach insisted on, which limits materials etc. Also, the fashion world changes SO QUICKLY that Reed himself may have balked at these pieces a year ago when he was designing for Coach.

    All in all he's just going to end up being another designer like Chanel, LV and Gucci and it'll be all about who can AFFORD it and not who LIKES it!!!!
  11. I agree with the OP and feel that Reed was too focused on his RK line, to not care about what Coach is putting out. I had this convo with my SA. Coach is beating the dead one trick pony to the point of boredom. I've been saying for quite some time that I would throw myself down Macy*s escalator if another Maggie came out. Well I better check my health insurance because they will be out next month. The outlook for future floorsets looks like this: October - Madison, November - Poppy, December - Madison, January - Kristin, February - Poppy. This is getting ridiculous. I don't want Poppy, I don't want new colors of Madison. I want Ergo. I want Legacy. I'm sure there are many customers, including non-TPF customers that agree with me. Coach needs to buck up or they're going to lose valued customers because of their inability to be creative.