Tsim Sha Tsui LV

  1. Cool...check out this new shop in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui! It looks like the biggest Azur Trunk in the world! :p

    Don't when it will be opened though anyone know?!

  2. That is cool....kind of like the big Cerises trunk!
  3. Wow that is cool.
  4. Wow, so posh!! :biggrin:
  5. Loves it !!! looks awesome
  6. Wow! I like that!
  7. the tsim sha tsui LV has been around forever. it's not a new store as far as i know. and the location looks like the one i've went to before. just the outside is different w/ the azur trunk. thanks for sharing! great pic!
  8. Oh , it would be great to have a photo in front of that !!
  9. Ooh thats amazing!
    i think every LV should have a giant light up bag above it!
  10. oo thats awesome
  11. I thought they used those when they rebuilded the store, painted the outside or make repairs and the like?
  12. ^^Yeah only temporary, unfortunately. It's pretty!
  13. I miss LV shopping in HK..

    I've been there in 1997 and bought 4 LVs at that time..
  14. i wonder if they can do that to my house haha jk :smile:
  15. :p