TSA stole my jewelry from my suitcase.

  1. I was flying back from Vegas and TSA searched my bag. When I got home to unpack I noticed my bag w/all my accessories was missing. There wasn't anything too valuable. Probably a total of $300. I'm still upset. It takes forever to amass good jewelry.:crybaby:
  2. You are pretty calm about it. Are you going to do something?
  3. why in the world would they take your jewelry out? don't know anything bout flight procedures..but it's worth about $300! yeah, that's a lot......i'd be pissed right now and giving them a ring. as socalgem said, you are pretty calm about it.
  4. I don't understand why you didn't carry it with you on the plane..................

    I always wonder about designer clothes...like if they would take my Prada stuff or LV stuff............
  5. Jewelry should always be kept with you in your carry on.......I'm sorry about your loss.
  6. Ugh that happened to my family once when we were flying from Canada back to the US. They stole all of the new creams, lotions, and make up my Mom bought (they were all really pricey La Mer & Estee Lauder stuff) along with two bottles of cologne that my dad had bought. They stole random jewelry from my suitcase too (nothing expensive... but still they stole pieces of jewelry I had bought from little stores in Greece, Italy, etc so I was upset). I honestly think some people take the job so they can pilfer things from passengers' suitcases. Delta just offered us some flight coupons as compensation... woohoo :rolleyes:
  7. Well, I did carry all my handbags on the plane. I didn't think much about my jewelry since most of it was costume. I am pissed and I'll be filing a claim.
  8. Sorry this happened to you. I would never pack anything in checked on luggage that has any sort of value. Next time put your dirty underwear on top of everything. LOL
  9. Is this a trend by TSA? I packed my LV damier cosmetic bag in my suitcase (big mistake) full of makeup and my contact lenses because I didn't want to deal with the liquid thing. I got to my destination........ITS GONE! I filed a claim and haven't heard anything.
  10. This happens alot...more than you can imagine.
  11. Sorry that happened to you! My hardfast rule is never check anything I would be upset having lost/stolen. Obviously, I would be mad at anything missing from my suitcase but I'll get over a pair of Levis or flip flops.

    This is also why I will NEVER carry designer luggage. As much as I would love to~ it's like a flashing red sign to the TSA lowlifes to "STEAL ME".
  12. I'm sorry that this happened to you, I've had this happen to me as well, the people who checked my suitcases took my shoes, I really liked them and they were new. They've taken stuff from my mother's suitcases too. This is a very common occurence.
  13. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm definitely going to be careful about what I take travelling with me in the future now. :sad:
  14. oh no, sorry to hear about that!
    i'm scared to bring expensive things to travel..
    if i do, it will be with me on the plane.
  15. That is just incredible. I thought they had video monitors on those people who check the bags. I'm so sorry! File a complaint and try to get some answers. :sad: