TSA Regulations for Carry-On Luggage

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  1. My husband, two little boys and I are planning a trip to Maui in November. DH has a conference at the Grand Wailea, and we're tagging along. Our goal is to fly with carry-on luggage only.

    I have four questions: do I need to bring my kids' birth certificates, can I take my 2 inch wide monster curling iron, do I need actual written prescriptions for my meds, and finally, are the airport screeners still requiring passengers to remove their shoes? I planning to wear some gold gladiator sandals on the plane that are tricky to fasten.

    If you know of any additional tips, please share. I haven't been on a plane since our last family trip to Italy in April 2001, so I'm out of the loop.
  2. 1. Not sure
    2. Yes
    3. I've NEVER been questioned before, I think you just need to have your name on the bottle in extreme cases where they might search your bag
    4. Yes

    I fly often and I just use the biggest bag possible. They never really check how big your carryon is. I put all my makeup and liquids in the check in bags, so all my purses and shoes go in the carryon. :smile:
  3. I was thinking of taking my metallic Prada bag, and carrying it on the plane, placed inside my Tumi Cortina Boarding tote. The Tumi looks like a big handbag. I'm thinking of doing this for two reasons: the Tumi is has a zipper, so if I need to shove my "handbag" under the seat, my stuff won't roll out. Secondly, I won't need to pack my Prada in my wheeled carry-on. I can pack my laptop, kid stuff and books in my tote.

    My actual carry-on will be a wheeled 21 inch suitcase that I plan to store in the overhead bin. Do you think this is a good strategy?
  4. I think it's fine, whatever works out best for you. You are allowed to bring one carryon, one laptop bag and a purse. And other small "bags" as well (like food from the terminal).
  5. This may and may not work. It all depends on how many people are on your flight and how big the overhead compartments are. If your flight is full and your suitcase is bigger than the compartment, you will have to "gate-check" your suitcase.

    Some carriers have stipulations on how big your carry-on can be, so I would check their website just to make sure.
  6. See answers bolded below:

  7. Here is a link to the TSA's website on carry-ons (specifically dealing with liquids/gels but you may find it useful as you are packing): http://forum.purseblog.com/bon-voyage-trips-and-travels/advise-for-long-flights-432338.html

    More info on the FAA's website: http://www.faa.gov/passengers/prepare_fly/

    Also, make sure you check with your airline on the number of carry-on bags each person is allowed. The maximum number and size depends on the airline.

    For example, I fly United frequently and they have recently changed their policy that allows each passenger only 2 carry-on items:
    --1 carry-on bag (within certain height, length, width requirements)
    --1 personal item (eg, a laptop bag OR a purse - but not both!). IMO your purse carried completely inside your Tumi bag would count as your one personal item, since it would be only "one" item through security and on the plane.