Trying Twiggy again!

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  1. OK, so the Neimans actually got a new black twiggy in stock & they are holding her for me.

    This one is brand new, wrapped in plastic & with the mirror, extra tassles, controllto cards, etc.

    Wish me luck, I am picking her up this week:yahoo:
  2. LOVE the twiggy! Black twiggy will be TDF!

    Did you not like twiggy before??
  3. yay!

    I hope you love this one
  4. Yay! Glad you're trying her again. I love that size :tender: Show us pics when you get it!
  5. I love this style. Hopefully you'll fall in love after getting her ! :yes:
  6. I LOVED her, but the one that Neimans shipped me had no mirror or cards and the package of extra tassles was opened:wtf:

    It was obviously a return & I was afraid that someone had bought the real one and returned a fake, so I sent it back.

    This one was taken in the back and held for me as soon as it hit the store, so I feel much better about it:yahoo:
  7. Make sure to post pics when you get her, Robyn! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats but wait..wrapped in plastic?? I thought authentic ones didn't come in plastic?? I am confused because I would love to have one wrapped in plastic that no one has touched!!
  9. Good luck! post pics when you get her!
  10. Wrapped in whatever they come wrapped in:shrugs:

    The SA was very specific that the bag arrived at the store in unopened packaging and that she only opened it to check that it had the mirror, etc. because I was so upset by the last one that she found for me.
  11. ^^The SA probably meant the dustbag? Hope you love it, robyn!
  12. HI, you will never get wrong with having a black color and twiggy is a great shape for daily use.....:woohoo: :woohoo:
  13. I love the twiggy style. It's my favorite along with the Day!!! Can't wait for the pics.
  14. Same here...twiggy is a great size for everything...i'm waiting for my magenta twiggy as well...hehehhe....:dothewave:

    My Wish List :
    - 2001 Flat Brass Black First or 2002 ver 2 Flat Brass Blk First
    - Eggplant weekender or city medium
    - Oval Clutch Bag
    - Black flat clutch bag