Trying To View My Parents Wedding Video

  1. My parents were married in 1988, and ever since I was 10, I wanted to see my parents wedding video.. The Big problem, the videocassette is an old school smaller version of the todays vhs. Now what can I do to view it. The case says (Maxell L-500) should I just buy an old video player, or is there a place where they can convert it to VHS..

    The wedding took place in Jordan, and my dream is to see the video.. I have only seen pictures.. :sad:
  2. Like a betamax tape? I think thats what they used to call it. A few years ago I knew someone that had those kind of tapes converted to VHS - I have no idea where they took it though. Why dont you ask around, maybe in a tech/video store, someplace they sell dvd players and what not. They may be able to give you some insight on what you can do or where you can take it. Goodluck!
  3. Ya its a says beta on it too.. I will try your advice..Thanks NOON!!:smile:
  4. There are places that will convert old BetaMax tapes and the like to VHS, as well as DVD for a fee. My MIL did this with some 8mm and 16mm acetone film from the 40's. Looked great!!
  5. Oh what a great idea prince! I've seen places in Canada that do conversions, maybe try the yellow pages?

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  6. :yes: Search for places that do video conversions - they're fairly common in larger cities.

    You can also try some better equipped electronics stores for a converter-thingie (sorry, but I have no idea what they're called). My parents had this strange contraption that allowed for the 8mm tapes to be played in the VCR. You just dropped the tape in top of the larger VHS cassette and it worked.

    I recommend getting this on DVD first, then convert to a second VHS if you wish. My cousin did this for all of us cousins a few years ago and it's a great video. It covers about the first five years of our lives. Of course, after viewing it I'm a mess with all the memories! :crybaby:but all good ones!
  7. thanks for the info.... When I see old pictures it makes me tear up... Its so sad to see the past...:crybaby:
  8. I have bad news.... I have been on a quest to convert this vid but have no luck... I sent it to a pro studio... I waited 1 week for it to arrive, and I was soo excited... Got the fedex box today and no DVD was in there.. They could not convert a PAL Beta tape to DVD.... :sad:
  9. oh bad news indeed! Could they have not converted it into a VHS tape for you instead?
  10. Oh no..., sorry it didn't work out!! Hope you find some place that does the specific conversion.