Trying to surprise.

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  1. Hey all! I'm trying to get a perfect wall mural for my boyfriend. He loves funky stuffs and is a designer himself. Since he is shifting to a new place, I've been thinking of giving him a small surprise by brightening the walls of his new house. He will be out of town for two weeks and I'm thinking of wrapping it up within the time. But since, I'm not that good with colors, I'm thinking of getting professionals to do it. I've heard of some companies here in Toronto, that does lovely wall murals. It's the first time I'm doing it, so I'm not pretty sure how to select the right company. Would this company be fine, cause this is the nearest of all. And as I mentioned before, my BF is a designer, so he would figure out any mistakes made. So I just want the best people to do it. The design that I have in mind is big headphones, cause he loves music too, and that's one thing that brought us together. But, would love to hear some other ideas too, that is related to music.
  2. Are you sure he's ok with that? I love design and am so so picky.
  3. Why am I getting the feeling this poster is starting threads just to promote websites?
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  4. Maybe try buying him a Fathead wall art. They have many designs and are easily removed. I think a mural is so personal and permanent.
    I sure wouldn't want someone surprising me with a mural.
  5. I would say, it is better to give some other gifts like painting or artworks done by yourself.