Trying to stay looking young

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  1. I am trying some of Dr. Brandts skin care this week. Was trying Dr. Perricones but started having some breakouts. Have always used Retin A from dermatologist and swap between benzoyl peroxide, salicylic, alpha lipoic and glycolic products for facial washes. What is the most beneficial products you have used to keep young looking?
  2. Let us know how it works out for ya.
  3. Sunblock!!! The sun's rays are the number one cause of aging and old looking skin.
  4. ^^ Good girl, esiders!

    No more sun than necessary (read: no tanning beds, cover up on the beach), SPF 30 every day.
  5. I think that any product is going to keep you looking young if you are consistent with it, protect your skin from sun damage and drink lots of water as well as general overall health and vitamins etc.

    I think it's working for me? I will let u know over the next 10 years LOL!
  6. Well, I think the secret to nice-looking skin varies by person. I know for me, I exercise tons, drink lots and lots of water, eat well, etc. and for a more youthful appearance I get Botox, Restylane and chemical peels at my dermatologist's office.

    I also use MD Forte producst and Skinceutical products upon my dermatologist's recommendation.
  7. well, ya ok I get botox and restayline too. LOL but it just sounded better to say the whole water and excersize bit LOLOLLL!
  8. Water. And not spending my money on cosmetics and other things to recapture my "lost youth."

    This "I must look 25" madness sweeping the country is nuts. I'm 51. I take care of myself, eat healthy, have been drinking water by the gallons since I was 20 years old, long before it was "fashionable" to drink water. I've never spend tons of money for skin care, would never do botox or plastic surgery.

    The most beneficial thing you can do to keep young is to enjoy who you are at the age you are, not try to look like something you aren't.
  9. Hands down, sunblock!! I always use moisturizer and foundation with sunscreen in it too...hand lotion as well. You can sorta see me in my avatar...I'm super fair and swear by sunscreen every single day. I'm 39 and constantly hear I look far younger.
  10. You look FAB!! May i ask which sunblock you use? I am constantly looking to try new stuff. thanks much
  11. Aw shucks, thanks Janice! :shame:

    Under my makeup I use neutrogena healthy skin face lotion, which has alpha hydroxy and spf 15.
    Foundation: lancome adaptive with spf 10.
    Hand lotion: Neutrogena visibly younger hand cream with spf 20.
    Sunblock: neutrogena ultra sheer Dry Touch sunblock with spf 30. It says it's waterproof but I have not gone swimming with it on to know for sure. But it does great when I'm exercising/sweating...doesn't rub off.

    As you can see I'm a huge fan of neutrogena :smile: b/c it's very reasonably priced, doesn't clog my pores and is unscented.
  12. Here's me. No botox, no nips, tucks, no camera tricks no expensive skin care products or other extraordinary measures. Just lots of water and taking care of myself for the past 51 years.


    Not twenty five, but not bad!
  13. ^^ prada psycho, you definitely take care of yourself!! Looking fab, girlfriend :flowers: :wlae:
  14. Prada psycho - I so agree with you!! No nips, tucks or chemicals for me either. My prescription is - wear sunblock every day even if it rains, never sunbathe actively, eat well, run about a bit, enjoy the odd glass of good french wine ( but nut too much!), sleep as much as possible ( difficult sometimes I know! ), never go on a diet just maintain your wieght at a sensible level ( sudden sharp weightloss is terrible for wrinkles!), cleanse and moisturise with simple stuff, have an active love life!

    You look fantastic!! I hope I look like you in my fifties!
  15. The older I'm getting the drier my skin is getting especially around my eyes. I've started using Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Eye Cream as well as her Overnight Cream (I use this during the day as well) and my skin is getting all the moisturization it needs. Since my skin is really dry under my eyes, I've been using Chantecaille's Bio-Lift undereye concealor which is an AMAZING product. Sunscreen is a given :yes:.

    I don't want to forget eating lots of fruits and vegetable plus drinking tons of water and exercising daily.