Trying to stay calm...

Jan 12, 2006
Hey guys, I just need to talk about this a bit..

Something is wrong with Dinah (my Flemish Gant rabbit)'s left hind leg:sad:

I went downstairs to clean her litterbox and feed her and noticed she wasn't hopping around her cage in excitement like she usually does. I took her out to let her hop around on the floor to see if anything was wrong, and she had trouble. Her rear end drags a bit and that leg goes out under her when she sets that foot down:sad: .

I'm not sure when it happened, so I'm worried that she may have had it a little while without anyone noticing (bunnies are notorious for hiding pain/injuries/illness). I don't remember her acting funny yesterday though, and today her litterbox had pulled away from the side of the cage (it's never like that, so it shows that it was pulled away because she had trouble hopping out of it...if that makes sense), so I think she only hurt her leg recently. My guess is that she got it caught on something in the cage:sad: .

We have to drop her off at the vet at 2pm so she can be sedated and x-rayed:sad: .

She's not eating as much and she's really subdued, but otherwise, she seems to be in fairly good spirits (not sure how much sense that kinda have to know Dinah to get it).

I just hope she'll be okay and that treatment won't be too expensive...luckily, my dad adores her so I'm pretty sure he would be willing to pay whatever we need to pay to make her better.

with animals it could be so many things! I've seen animals come back from the brink of death so try not to worry too much. sounds like something the vets can help dinah recover from. keep us posted.

(be sure to go give her plenty of love when you visit!)
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ayla said:
I hope everything is okay ! How old is your bunny btw ? That might have something to do with it too, hind leg weakness with age.

She's only 2.25 years old. Flemmies tend to have leg issues as they age, but I'm pretty sure this was an injury.

I'm just eager to find out what it is and what we can do about more hour until vet time.